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This is the only version that will hit crouching opponents, but certain moves will slide under it. Use this to continue into an air combo after 2C if you’re too far to do 5BB. Generally the ideal move to use after a j. Appears at the same distance in front of Akiha as A. Akiha also enters a low stance during this move so it’s usable as anti-air but it’s very risky since the recovery is terrible.

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B and go directly into a low by regulating the akuha. As far as establishing pressure goes, most players generally perform minor zoning with aerial ribbons, camping a pillar, or throwing out a pit to force the opponent to move.

Akiha “Crimson Red Vermillion Akiha” Toono

Disappears if Akiha is hit. Though it takes a shorter amount of time for Akiha to set the web, she is not able to do anything until she lands. Thanks to her xkiha j.

You may also simply jump over them or use neutral jump momentum to create another ambiguous mixup; delay your jump so your landing is synchronized with their wakeup timing. Generally the ideal move to use after a j. It automatically homes in on your opponent and lets loose. Off of Akiha’s ground throws, she gets more than enough time to mix them up. Good for maintaining pressure in the corner when TK’d if your opponent respects you also on counter hit it lands you a nice combo.

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Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno/PS2 – Mizuumi Wiki

Once you’ve knocked someone down in the corner, your options become too many to count. It has a large hit box, deals a significant amount of damage, and hits 8 times. Longer pauses yield larger frame akih, and sufficiently training your opponent to respect the frame trap can lead to them allowing you to start another string without activating the pillar set under them.


C 2C Practical, good akih, moves you on top of them and puts them close to the corner from anywhere, but with you in the corner. She is a good character for beginners and has things in store for even the most advanced players. Creates a web even further away approximately half screen at maximum stage zoom-out and even further higher up.

This too can whiff your certain crouching opponents. Kaiha using 5B to trip instead of 2C, we get more damage here.

Akiha Toono (Shingetsutan Tsukihime) –

Creates a web further away and slightly higher up. Akiha’s okizeme game after her throws, B, and 2C is very respectable as she has a lot of options to work with but her air throw knockdown is very weak.

C, her offense can be considered superior in the sense that akiya gives her a real crossup game that works even outside of okizeme but now she no longer has an air normal that hits above her. Off 2A, it’s easiest to chain into 6C or 4C as they’re both faster than 5C. Zkiha example, the following string of:. Akiha does a little twirl in the air and leaves a web of flames behind.

Leading into this move, then picking it up for the rest of the combo leads to H-Akiha’s big damage combos. At about 2 seconds, it becomes extremely tall, hits 3 times, and is air unblockable. Sacrifices minor damage for okizeme, this is the best but very tight midscreen combo.


As a playable character, Akiha has great versatility in all of her Moons, boasts the game’s highest defense values, and generally favors using her very aiiha normals to bully the opponent into the corner where she can work her setplay.

Melty Blood/Akiha Tohno

Akiha is Shiki Tohno’s younger sister, and master of the Tohno household. Stagger akuha in your blockstrings to beat jumps. In Melty Blood, though she’s told to stay out of it, she attempts to solve the problems concerning the Night of Wallachia in her own ways, and find her brother.

However, the webs take a fair amount of time before they activate and disappear if Akiha is hit but not if she blocks. As a follow up to 6A, Akiha does a aiiha to the gut while stepping in. Arcs from high to low, 1 hit, EX Cancel-able. Charged TK flametongue lets you set a pillar or dash in and pressure, but not both unless your opponent really respects you.