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ansem seeker of darkness

His heart is forced out of his body, [ please confirm ] and Ansem completely takes control. Afterward, Ansem explains his philosophy: Suddenly, Hayner, Pence and Olette, who had been watching all along, enter into action. As Sora, his humanity having been restored by Kairi’s light, arrives at the remnants of Destiny Islands at End of the World, Ansem appears, bearing Riku’s form. Ansem, after nine years of being a Heartless, appears in a brown robe at the Destiny Islands Keyhole before the world’s fall into darkness, insulting Sora ‘s ignorance of what was to come, and completely ignoring Sora’s questions.

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He organized his findings into a single volume known as Ansem’s report. Xemnas doesn’t seem to have that appeal to him than Ansem does. Upon closer inspection, this grey section seems to be attached by several small pins or buttons around the hip and neck sections of the coat, as well as by a belt that wraps around the Heartless’s back and attaches to the rim of the coat. Please read our privacy policy for more information Legal Information.

His arrogance ultimately leads to his destruction when the door to Kingdom Hearts is opened, and his greatest thesis is, in the end, proved wrong. Ansem then allows himself to be enveloped by the darkness flowing out of the Keyhole, and travels to the End of the World and Kingdom Hearts. Sora denies this, in words and in battle, with Ansem.

Ansem He tried to open the door to Kingdom Hearts, but fell to Sora in the end. Donald and Goofy bravely make a stand against Ansem in order to protect Kairi, but both know that, without Sora, they may not be able to stop him.

This leads to an internal struggle between the two that Riku ultimately loses. The moment he saw and recognized the identity of the brown-robed figure on the Destiny Islands, he dove into Sora’s dreams to protect him, and has since been playing the part of a Dream Eater, meant to protect Sora from Nightmares. Ansem appears on the beach of Destiny Islands. Sora arrives, finally reunited with Kairi, though she is comatose due to the loss of her heart.


However, Ansem’s scientific genius is blinded by obsession with the darkness. Ansem gains a body by possessing Riku, though at first his presence is only evident from the change to Riku’s voice. Once Sora sees him and the Keyblade of heart, Ansem tells him that it can unlock the hearts of others.

That brings him into conflict with Aquawho kept Ansem company in the Dark Margin. They decide not to humor Sora’s thoughts about putting Roxas back into the data version of Twilight Town that Ansem the Wise had created, saying it’s just data and, therefore, fake. Having been unable to find a way to rid himself of Ansem’s remaining essence, it began taking over him and transforming Riku into a copy of Ansem.

Due to lacking a body, he is also capable of traveling through time.

Ansem Seeker of Darkness – Kingdom Hearts Insider

darkneas Richard Epcar The Heartless of Apprentice Xehanort, he stole his former master’s name many years prior and had been wreaking havoc across the worlds with the Heartless in order to obtain the power of Kingdom Hearts, believing that it held great darkness within it.

On a quest from his original persona, Ansem travels back in time to when Xehanort lived on the Destiny Islands. As part of Master Xehanort ‘s plans, Ansem was there to allow himself and the other members of the real Organization to follow the duo and make one of them another vessel for Master Xehanort’s heart.

His Heartless was able to retain its selfhood for uncertain reasons, though it was believed by the first Ansem that this was due to Terra-Xehanort’s willing abandonment of his heart. He was really cool!


Xemnas or Ansem, Seeker of Darkness?

Chakolat Strawberry caramel delight. I preferred him because in a way, I appreciate all the forgotten characters. However, because Terra-Xehanort did this of his own will, he retained his memories in his new existence, and gained the ability to control the other Heartless. He enslaved Riku, but met his demise at Sora’s hand. However, Ansem is horrified to see light pour out of the door.

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness – Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia

While possessing Riku in Kingdom Heartshe wields the Keyblade of heartwhich was created from the six captured hearts of the Princesses of Heart. To open the door to darkness, Ansem used the Heartless to steal countless hearts. With their power, Ansem attacked the Realm of Light, intending to have the Heartless consume the hearts of every darjness and lead him to Kingdom Hearts.

He also dwrkness allot more cooler clothes than Xemnas.

His knowledge of the worlds darkneds hearts shows that Xehanort’s keen intellect has survived the transition into a Heartless. First entry A researcher who studied the Heartless and delved into secrets of the worlds.