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awesome infernape pokemon

Overheat on the other hand has more power and slightly more accuracy than Fire Blast but cuts Infernape’s Special Attack sharply, it can be used nicely as a ‘hit-and-run’ move or it can be used on the physical sets. Its fire never goes out. By the way you should save it for community day. Gahh i need to learn about competetive before posting: Of all the sets this is the one with the most to gain from Life Orb, since Life Orb boosts both of its offences, but Expert Belt is a suitable replacement to conserve HP.

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Unfortunately however, Focus Blast has very unreliable accuracy. It could own a charzizard most of the time with stone edge and Thunder Punch.

Pokйmon of the Week – Infernape

Submit Feedback or Error. Might, because Blaze Kick has been found in the game master and Niantic could throw a curveball and not make Blaziken outclass Moltres.

Its mostly a matter of a mixing and matching to suit your current team. Wisdom Glasses is the special equivalent of Muscle Band, giving a 1. Blast Burn is not the only viable fire move. Infenape, Ground, Psychic and Water, and most self-respecting sweepers have access to at least awesomf move of that type.

Infernape isnt made for defense its made for close combat and fire blast sweeps so stop tormenting it! May 30, 8.


Infernape (Pokémon GO)

Bulky Water types Swampert, Milotic, Suicune, Aweeome, Manaphy, Vaporeon and inferape all resist Fire attacks and can survive its Fighting attacks but some of them Swampert especially have problems standing up to Grass Knot. Earthquake is another physical move it gets but there’s no point in bothering since Fire and Fighting attacks covers the majority of what Earthquake would cover.

It could also be considered an okay option to use against water types since many don’t resist it however its unreliable accuracy means Infernape will be treading a very fine line if it attempts to use it for that purpose. Fire, Grass, Bug, Steel and Dark. However, as far as the item is concerned some variation may come into play.

Infernape-The best Fire Starter ever

Probably the hardest set to create EVs for. Yeah, its definitely one of the better ones. It’s much worse than your Machamps, Breloom and Blaziken as a fighting type, but it is better than the Poliwrath.

Infernape is the best fire type starter, hell yeah, best stats, movepool, and typing. Poison doesn’t bother it that much but when you stack it with the other possible ways it can have its HP drained passively it doesn’t help at all. The only problem is that Infernape usually needs all four of its move slots to sweep successfully, which unfortunately leaves no room for Encore.

Some will be shiny. It’s worth consideration if you can mitigate passive damage but in comparison to its other moves it doesn’t appear to be particularly impressive. Only luck can save Tyranitar, and luck is for losers.

Probably not its best option but worth a mention. Awrsome in essence has lower offensive power than Blaziken, yet has a great deal more speed, and in a metagame where speed equals victory, this is pretty much a must that Infernape is ‘better’ than Blaziken. May 3, Messages: Thunder Wave shuts it down completely as well, without its speed Infernape is pretty much a goner.


The coverage isn’t overwhelmingly notable infernappe it’s notable enough to merit a mention. Without a Jolly nature Infernape’s speed caps at a respectableand whilst is enough to outrun many opponents the extra speed boost will set it above: This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

I’m beginning to think so. Infernape is known as a ‘frail’ sweeper, meaning even though it’s fast and hits hard, it can’t take a hit at all.

RusicadeMay 30, It will not lose to anyone when it comes to speed.