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He then goes into a verse about people not understanding what level he is at and he has a point. His story is sick. The year-old from Lebanon, Ohio, said he first delved into hip-hop at the age of 9 when he made a mix out of an old burned CD. Courtesy of Riveting Entertainment, photo by Mike Ho. Living as a musician. Director Chris Brown Documentary. This then spun into a hobby, and with some encouragement from friends, Scruby took the rap scene more seriously.

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Screen Shot at I shot the drone footage. Posts deemed intentionally misleading may result in a lengthy 2-week to 1-month or permanent bans. The more subscribers that are downloading the episodes and leaving us a review He then goes into a verse about people not understanding what level he is at and he has a point.

Song posts must follow the ‘Artist – Title Description cal scruby game 6 format with 80 character or less descriptions. Good Joke Underwater OneTake.

How the West Was Won. Much of his childhood was spent in the small town of Londen, OH surrounded by a close-knit group of family and friends. Login in to your account. Ain’t Shit Changed featuring Chris Brown.

Toy Box (Remix) – Cal Scruby

No Irrelevant Content Do not post a thread specifically to share your personal opinion on albums, mixtapes, cal scruby game 6, artists or their actions, instead look for an existing thread in which to comment or post your opinion in a Daily Gams thread. No Unwelcome Content or Prohibited Behavior Unwelcome content and prohibited behavior as defined by Reddit is never allowed. I am definitely looking forward to more music.


Additionally, comments deemed overtly racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. The transitions from the hook cal scruby game 6 the verses are so smooth. Submit a new link. Back to the City. He is living in LA, making quality music, working with industry professionals, and becoming a professional rapper. The duo created the nine-track tape in five days and released it in September Top Tracks Top Artists. The Get Up Intro.

Listermann said the motivation and hunger of the Ohio native puts him in a good place at the moment.

We both moved to LA around the same time which is when we became friends and have been grinding since. Life can change in the blink of the eye and Cal scruuby a clear example of that. All For Ohio Interlude.

Cal Scruby – Game 6 – com.

His story is sick. His music covers the aspects of his young adult lifestyle, often using wordplay that references sports and Top Of The World ft. Threads made to speculate about cryptic social media posts or website updates are also not allowed. How rapper Cal Scruby went from living on a farm to making songs with Chris Brown.

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Lego sculptures imagine Columbus in a new age. Just scryby show you what my Dad Santa looked like when he called in: Cal Scruby Fux Wit Me.


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I honestly didn’t think he would be making hits with Chris Brown one year later. I need your help!