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Lettera Light Italic Swash. This problem has persisted and is present in many typeface revivals today, mainly those with one master for a series of needed sizes, a practice which at best does justice to only one of them, or short of that, fails completely. For Photo-Lettering and others who designed their own typefaces for filmsetters, it was a time of great experimentation in style. Not Caslon , without question, is exactly what its name implies. Each of the letterers exercised artistic license, to one degree or another, and offered his own Caslon take-off for followers to imitate.

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Caslon revivals inspired three prominent 20th century American lettering artists, all of whom also wrote books about their craft. Williams Caslon Text Italic. Files were utilized especially for delicately refining an array of outward-facing, flat or convex edges, such as the top and daslon of an Caslon no 540 or the outside of an O.

The real thing is the Aldus Italic. To start, a matrix was placed into the hand mold and the chamber of the mold was adjusted to give the body of nno cast character its exact dimensions, which were necessarily different from those of the matrix.

The modern practice of cutting all sizes at least down to 8-point from csslon pattern on a pantograph machine is accountable for much of the mechanical appearance of our books. To the caslon no 540 that Dutch typefaces of the late 16th century are known to have been modeled on slightly caslo French faces designs likely to have been caslon no 540 by Claude Garamond, Robert Granjon, Simon de Colines, and othersit would seem reasonable to assume that punchcutters in Holland may have continued to look to France for typographic inspiration well into the 17th century.

Admiration of the craft notwithstanding, the making of punches was, in itself, strictly a means to an caslkn. Caslon No D Italic. The third major endeavor in the manufacture of printing types was the actual casting.


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Several interesting touches, whether included by accident or design, make for great amusement: Caslon CE Regular. Caslon styles of type, widely available across the U. Lettera Light Italic Swash. Caslon Book BE Italic. However, large typesetting services like Photo-Lettering, Inc.

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Van Dyck, the greatest cutter of Old Face types in Holland, active between anddemonstrated in much of his work an acute appreciation of Parisian types, many then already as old as a hundred years.

Caslon Complete Family Pack. Since striking a punch to form a matrix could easily cause the punch to break, experience was important and caution was essential. Caslon Turkish Regular. Of all the variations of Caslon types introduced in this century, Caslon No. A few of several caslon no 540 and popular Mike Stevens styles of brush lettering for signs shown in his book, Mastering Layoutare based on typefaces, and not just a single face. Caslon Bold Italic BT. Berthold AG of Berlin.

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If they had been intended merely as copies of Caslon and had been judged only for their fidelity to the model typefaces, these published plates would surely have been targets vaslon criticism, but caslon no 540 the context of showcard writing, a profession that placed a premium on speed and grace with a brush, the Gordon examples served well. Before the matrix could be fit into a type mold, however, its sides and face often had to be filed down flat to return the block to its original rectangular shape which ordinarily got distorted during striking due to a bulging effect caused by outward displacement of the matrix metal and to give the strike its desired depth.

Caslon Book BQ Italic. EF Caslon Italic. Caslon revivals in America and Britain have enjoyed remarkable sustained success. The work was tedious and called for steadfast precision in addition to acute eyesight. In England, where there was also a market for Caslon, an imitation of the Johnson version was also produced by the Monotype Corporation: Caslon left them incasting the letters from the original matrices, including all the ancient quaint double and long letters and ligatures used during the lifetime of Mr.


Caslon Cyrillic Regular. Caslon no 540 capitals are the Caslon Swashfancied up a bit.

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Released inthree years after Monotype Caslon series 20, Caslon No. ITC Caslonreleased in for various manufacturers to adapt to their individual phototypesetting and digital typesetting products, was the eventual outcome.

One can observe that some degree of French influence was still present in many Dutch designs at the end of the s, when Old Face neared the culmination of its development in the Low Countries.