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I think we understand that ShinjiKnox. Which leads to the following question: Well George point taken! I think this is where you go through the process as if you wer purchasing these, and at some point it asks for a coupon, that is where you type in that serial number you have and it nulls out the price so you are not charged. I think the problem we’re overlooking is the fact that 21st century busness models seem to be designed to force people to pay extra for almost anything, including the right to use the things that you’ve just bought with the software, and should be covered by the licence for the product you just bought. The program features a wide range of effects, transitions, and editing options to encourage creativity, which makes it the ideal choice for all kinds of people no matter what their video editing needs. How can use Catooh to integrate additional video effects into Movie Edit Pro?

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This will help us to understand and solve the problem as quickly as possible. The vertical line starting marker do not move. The minimum resolution for photos is 2 megapixels.

Audio Rack effects persist when I make new projects!

Could I use the music I create in a game :: MAGIX Music Maker Premium General Discussions

You can make money on it as the licence is inclusive in the package But for the loops you buy as packs, not the ones that come with the software, which should be public domain anyway. Exploitation of these music, video and catooh effects files outside the scope of personally created works is illegal. Describe the problem you’re experiencing in as much detail as possible and be sure cztooh include the name and effectd of the program you are using plus error message codes if possible.


Thanks for the info. This applies to the music, video and photo files included with the product “Xara Web Designer” with the stipulation that these files may be used in the scope of the purchaser’s own commercial website. The catooh effects can now be used! efffects

Support question of the month: Where can I find additional video effects for Movie Edit Pro?

We also need to cattooh the email address you use to login with Catooh if it is different to the one you used for the support request. Now all you have to do is add the effect you want to the shopping basket, enter your details and download the file. I got the software for making music for games and I wanted to used the loops to make tunes, catooh effects, even though I can make and record my own, using the loops is quicker sffects I don’t have the time to do the programming and record each section of the music myself.

When you click on catooh effects button the Catooh cattooh will automatically open in your Internet browser. My version of Magix is: The music, video and photo files included with MAGIX products may only be used within the scope of producing personally created works to be used for non-commercial purposes.

Catoooh things like “it’s a con” is neither productive, or useful in getting the problem solved. You may be blocked if you misuse this feature!

Use of music, video and photo files: My bigger catolh is Showing 1 – 15 of 31 comments. Last edited by PeteUplink ; Jan 9, catooh effects Never include passwords or bank account details in emails. With Catooh, multimedia files can be bought or sold online.

It’s not rocket science even though I don’t agree with their policies. Frontmaster View Profile View Posts.


Hello, Could I use any of the songs I create using this software in a game to sell etc, or would royalty fees, licenses etc catooh effects requried? Neurojazz View Profile View Effecgs. It’s aimed for professionals, and professionals usually don’t use them anyway. Every user of Catooh with a valid customer account is permitted to offer media for sale in the Online Media Marketplace.

Support question of the month: Where can I find additional video effects for Movie Edit Pro?

Hey Michael, We are all users here, not Magix employees. I can totally understand your point. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email catooh effects will not be published. Genneraly software like this allows you to ‘own’ whatever you create with it.

I effectw meant to have a pop at people.