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Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. You won’t get high scores simply by keeping balls in play. Crystal Caliburn II was designed in the style of multi ball machines characterized by three dimensional ramps and fast moving balls. A dialog box appears. Hit targets on the left and right sides to activate a wide variety of features. Award winning history Crystal Caliburn has won awards and rave reviews around the world. You can’t activate the same feature again until you get all four other features.

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Then click “Register” to unlock the calibuen. Our next goal was to have three balls in play simultaneously. These machines also have strong flippers to compensate for more steeply sloped playing surfaces. Your Key-Code unlocks the demo and it becomes the full version. You won’t light this feature with random shooting. Advancing the Field Multiplier requires real pinball technique–there are no shortcuts.

If you haven’t played Crystal Caliburn or want to try this crystal caliburn video game, download it now for free! A dialog box appears. And if the crystal caliburn multiplier is pushed to maximum, one Battle Bumper shot earnspoints!

CRYSTAL CALIBURN (free version) download for PC

The dying Arthur was taken to Avalon, the land of immortals also known as the Glass Island by the fairy queen Dame du Luc and the witch queen Morgan le Fay, Arthur’s half-sister. Crystal Caliburn is designed to resemble a pinball machine of crystal caliburn ’80s. Its three-level playfield, super-real 3D ramps, and three ball multiball will bring cxliburn arcade excitement to your computer!


Alt name Solid State Pinball: Crystal Caliburn’s exclusive high-speed algorithm maintains smooth ball movement, even during three-ball play. There are many intriguing crystal caliburn of their adventures, ridding the land of monsters and obtaining magical treasures.

Crystal Caliburn II was designed to be a challenging game with many features.

You will find new ways to enjoy the game. Crystal Caliburn II Crystal Caliburn Crywtal was designed in the style of multi ball machines characterized by three dimensional ramps and fast moving crystal caliburn. Finally Mordred, the illegitimate child of Arthur, raised a rebellion which caused the Last Battle.

Download Crystal Caliburn (Mac)

Data East pinball machines of this time were known for their strong flippers. LittleWing has produced products for various platforms, such as Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, crystal caliburn video game consoles, arcade machines and cell phones. The realism is astonishing. Too much nudging causes “Tilt”.

Unlock the program with Key-Code. When Yoshiktatsu Fujita designed Tristan, the first LittleWing pinball game, he designed it to be easythe way he wished real pinballs could be: Click “Play Demo” to launch a demo crystal caliburn has time-limit. Published in by Starplay Productions, Inc. But as crystal caliburn changed, the golden realm was gradually laid to waste.

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere wisely and justly ruled the kingdom from the castle of Camelot. Double click “Crystal Caliburn Pinball” drive. July 18, Product information App name: If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free!


Copyright C LittleWing Co. Launch a game and click “Enter Key-Code” in the dialog box to enter your Key-Code and Email address which was used for the purchase.