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The fae races drow, light elves, faeries provided they live with enough other fae to generate a surplus of mana. Ariel is the most obvious one, while Kiel, is perhaps the strangest but no less of one, as evidenced by various monsters telling her they depend on her in Chapter 41 Chosen Conception Partner: Not to be confused with DuckTales. It is not uncommon for the children of Vals to feel no bond towards their parents. The current story takes place in the year of the Moonless Age.

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Many, but not just the drow. Some better character consistency and ensuring that Ariel’s goals advance the plot would go a long way to keeping the story from becoming a victim of its own bloatedness. Even before the timeskip several clan leaders already suspect that Diva’ratika is actually dead something Waes’soloth flat out admits along with saying that the only thing hindering them is that they have no definitive proof and droatales have to play along. Chel’el’Sussoloth’s political scene is a major driving force behind the events of the story, for good or bad.

The Orthorbbae Library

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Depends when it occurred and to who. After the timeskip Kiel’s very public assassination of Diva’s Body Double — from inside the Beldrobbaen fortress, no less finally puts an end drowtsles the act and allows Waes’soloth to pull her troops back from the fighting. Diva’ratrika on Raginiwhich has its own story.

Drowtales – Moonless Age

Mostly this is done with color drowtalew font ddrowtales backdropbut a few characters have different fonts as well. Out of universe, this is the xrowtales moneymaker of Drowtales, and decribed as “a subscriber-only uncensored fanservice section of the Drowtales site. The trope is lampshaded here.

Also very much present on this pagewhere a still-recovering from her horrific childbirth Shinae hears Mel’arnach talking about her children and saying that they might as well not exist, and mutters to herself that some people have all the luck at being able to even have children.


Mel’arnach hates her, Syphille got herself tainted and drowtalex her, and Koil’dorath was only a nominal heir because Quain was suspicious of Suu’be’s influence. Calling The Old Woman Out: Kalki takes this a step further. Diva’ratrika certainly lives up to the ” Diva ” in her name, and while she started off very controlling, drew into seclusion little by little to the point that her daughters have been able successfully pass her off as a Shadow Dictator for 16 years.

If you haven’t read the comic and worry about spoilers – go read the comic. I posit that it’s two other characters. Even intelligent demons, who would normally be such, fall more under Blue and Orange Morality. Quain’tana’s relationship with Ash’waren is also something of a Pet the Dog in regards to showing that the usually gruff and badass Ill’haress has a soft side.

Kiel’ndia considers the readers as one would imaginary friends and frequently points to them us and talks to her “friends. It’s not much of an issue if the element in question is something like, say, air or earth, but fire manipulators need at least a spark or flame to work with and make grow. Lots, like those who get taken by demons. The chronologically first chapter is the prologue while the currently oldest published chapter is chapter 9. Snadhya’rune takes it even further by basically committing genocide of her own people by secretly making tainting themselves with faulty demon seeds standard practice; engineering a type of demon seed for Zala’ess’s line that severely screws up their fertility and results in twisted still-born babies; and creating a deadly flower plague so she could force everyone to follow her drowtsles exchange for a cure.

They are implied to be fraternal triplets due to having similar names and appearances, yet look different enough to be told apart. This is what has happened to Rosof and Tralyn. Also, members of her bloodline have been seen among the Vloz’ress. They are only stopped by Kyo’nne betraying them. More recently, the Sharen and Beldrobbaen clans have been enslaving their citizens and sending them to a Penal Colony in a desperate bid to retain their empire.


After witnessing a Sharen dragon knight brutally kill her friend for theft, Quain’tana gradually developed a deep hatred for Vals, especially the Vel’Sharen. Sad Mask Lady was an as-yet unnamed agent that assaulted the Ninth Tower in an attempt to claim the body of the Sharessalongside her partner, Angry Eyes Lady. A stable taint will can keep a drow safe from possession indefinitely, though a heavy tainting can eventually overpower the host, and the side effects of an unstable taint can include loss of drowgales and feelingmutationand mental instability.

The Jaal’darya clan are a variant on this, since no one knows precisely where their fortress is located. Drow have no compunction drowtlaes eating the flesh of humans and orcs, who they consider drowatles, and even eat their own dead more for reasons necessity than actually enjoying it. The anti-human grimdark wank is usually written by the type of misanthrope that grows out of it after High Droatales, but given how long ago this was started he may have simply written himself into a corner, or found a like-minded audience that would pay him.

Chel has had internal squabbles since its founding.