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I’ll go through it once again and i’ll touch it up i guess. Happend 2 times already. The Mad Brothers are my favorite xD. Submissions aren’t limited to just Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! Are the rules stricter in japan, or are people just generally poor drivers?

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I seem to be unable to actually import them from my tablet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

No Laughing in Yugawara

Welcome to Reddit, the front gaki no tsukai yugawara of the internet. Where is High School Batsu? So when people asked for videos I figured I might as well share it.

Zurui April 09, Also I would like to point out that I’ve edited the Yugawara. First you must set the view ratio to How can you always manage to be this great?!? Can you upload the subs to other than Megaupload or Fileserve? Keep doing a stellar job Maximus Freeza September 22, Sadly i have to say that i’m kinda disappointed with the spy batsu, i think i’m the only one: Hi do you have the orignal version of this batsu game with the star wars music instead of this remixed music?

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I’m collecting for my archive anyways. Anonymous May 10, Want to add to gaki no tsukai yugawara discussion? Two hours of delicious subbed Gaki no Tsukai is just what I need right now. BatsuYugawara Onsen. Are the tsukkai stricter in japan, or are people just generally poor drivers? It has been pointed out that there is a little bit of minor artifact in the video.


Click here You can find subbed content by hovering over the dropdown menu at the top of this subreddit.

Anonymous March 29, Are you new to Gaki no Tsukai? I’ll have a fixed version up soon hopefully! I’ll take a look. Yugawara is my favorite No-Laughing Batsu Game!

It can not magically make pixels. And here’s your much demanded HQ hard subbed Yugawara! Please continue being awesome, guys.

Also, I think it is better to just make out the highest quality of your hardsubbed videos as disk space will be tad cheaper, internet will be faster maybe 5 years from now. You can find the complete subs for the Yugawara in the Download Videos page. Question, did you toned down the quality of the old HQ Batsu games or did you make the highest possible quality of it?

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The HQ source I have has a different cut, and is longer, than the other ones that are out tukai. I’m not getting the p though, just the new HQ of old batsus so I think you can keep splitting ps into GB parts.


Submissions aren’t limited to just Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!