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Tina, what are you suggesting? It took me that long to get through all the spelling errors. Like, if I was, like, in a bunker with you, I would totally hit that. Did you put Splenda in my latte? And when he does all those impressions? Hey, pumpkin, I heard about Sue taking over your choir room. Blaine you miss Kurt.

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I can’t stop eating them.

Glee S04E11 – video dailymotion

And glee s04e11 blee a sudden. I love your everything. Singing with the Warblers is my life, but I couldn’t do it. And we’re done being underdogs; If you want to join a glee s04e11, just do anything but the Adam’s Apples. And every girl will sing to whoever they want to take to the dance.

Then what is the reason? One night with me, and I’ll have you studying for your Bat Mitzvah. I freaking hate Splenda! Blaine Anderson Jane Lynch Do you have any lip balm I can use? Going to that dance gave me the courage and the confidence to join the football team.

I’m proud the gay guy can be friends with the straight guy. This must be what the girls feel like all the time. Thank you, Secretary Cohen-Chang. Artie, will you dance with me?


Classical acting majors are the preps. Well, Sadie Hawkins Dances are sometimes called “Snowballs,” so that’s where I got the idea for a snowflake theme. Dude, human growth hormone! It’s all about the cliques. We were just dealing with some Glee stuff. Is there anything you can’t do? I also think you sort of owe me an apology because that was glee s04e11 the most humiliating moment I’ve experienced in Glee Club, and that’s saying something. When I was in high school, girls like me didn’t get asked out.

I-I can’t tell you that. Decided to play by my own rules. Did you not hear me?! Glee s04e11, no, thanks; I don’t want to be a haggy third wheel on your guys’s date. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

Wouldn’t it be great if we got to choose? Because that train was taking me here, glee s04e11 you. I thought you split. Mister on the radio?

Glee S04E11

This is a weight training regimen that they stole from Vocal Adrenaline. Yes Yes Yeah, that’d be great. Will Schuester credit only Chord Overstreet


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