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Well, that did it. What it really is, is described later. I tried version 1. Just enough to show that it worked. Win 7 and 10 both do automatic updates installing the latest drivers which are not compatible with popular serial to usb adapters using replica Prolific chipsets. I tried the possibility of datalogging on the 1 MAF input.

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DIY Greddy Emanage Blue Cable from Scratch

Voltage dropped to zero. First I started the car and connected the laptop and started the emanage support tool. The emanage forum was a find. They should be labelled or your part should have instructions. Just spliced the green and white wires together before the harness and then spliced a analog out from bluue LC-1 to the white wire into the emanage.

Using your hands pull this back and unravel it to reveal the four wires on the inside. Then attach an analog out put from a WBO2 onto the white wire into the emanage.

You might want to try to PM him. Simply overwrite the map to get past this. Patrick, once you have completed the cable or just purchased one for that matter, you must ensure that you change the drivers over to the older version.

You will need 3. The active and Interaction lights both turn on, they stay both on all the time, no matter if Greddy emanage blue support tool connect the usb greddy emanage blue support tool not. Supportt to check the wiring. Well, that did it. When I tried to restart, no go. I tried the possibility of datalogging on the 1 MAF input. How do I tap this? Use winrar provided on same group to extract v1. I set out to see the full picture and work with the right parts instead of hoping that a specific usb phone cable would be the part I was looking for.


In gerddy to the above questions, I am curious if you got the software from the guy in taiwan to work. Basically, I double click and Yes, I have used one with no troubles. Isn’t there an extra analog input into the emanage? Not even full throttle. Find More Posts by rkostolni.

Sorry I didn’t point that out. Just enough to show that it worked. An easy way to emanxge voltage is to toop two wires with stripped ends, rig three AA batteries together in series and use electrical tape to get a wire at each end on the contact.

The following errors occurred with your submission. I already got that covered. Quote message in reply? Essentially this involves using windows hyperterminal and jumping the correct pins, and making sure the data the computer sends out routes back grecdy itself.

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I just need a analog input that will accept voltage in the range of or so. Change that in the emanage blue unit and then click to connect and voila! Going for a drive. The only person on this forum who’s familiar enough with the emanage shpport give you reliable direction is probably Jeff.


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