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Most interestingly, they were all connected with a bunch of other characters from other stories like The Invincible Ram and The Fantasti First of all, a big thanks to Gurcharan Das for introducing me to the greatest epic of all time, The Mahabharata. We are top modelling agency in Delhi offering modelling jobs in Delhi for upcoming female freshers or experienced models who want to join lingerie modeling agencies. According to me they pandavs tried to justify everything on the name of dharm which is wrong. Both are brokenhearted in the ending days of the war, ashwatthama because he did not expect the level of adulterous act to win the war by Pandvas, whom he and his father were in favour of since beginning but were duty bound towards Kauravas. Feel free to visit my web-site; declaring bankruptcy in florida March 16, The author insists that the story of Mahabharata is not of war but of peace. Have to confess,that its quite insightful.

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For me, in this case, the end justified the means. Now that is something worthy of pursuit. Why does always bad things happen to good people? I have admired Gurucharan Das in various arenas and his mythos and manners of presenting his view point whether it is the present book or eas previous ones. Prefers van Buitenen to Kisari Mohan Ganguli.

The epic’s characters are flawed, but their incoherent experiences throw light on our familiar dilemmas. The analysis of the view points of dsa personas in Mahabharata.

The Difficulty of Being Good: On the Subtle Art of Dharma

Status anxiety makes one boastful and self praising, which is a negative trait to acquire. The passages he selects from The Mahabharata make for lovely reading. Explores different dimensions of Dharma without being too philosophical or preachy.

Its premise is that ordinary human life does not have to be so cruel and humiliating. Mar 12, Abhinav Choudhry rated it it was amazing. diffiiculty


Hence the tone of the book moves from black and white to shades of gray applicable to all characters. I’ve always been told that the Mahabharata is more than a semi-religious, story book. Another admirer of your writing style and thought process, Giriraj.

Is this trait there in us because we do not recognize or evaluate our own worth? Morality does not come with black and white classifications; there are moral conflicts in all of us. I have never found it so hard to write a review dzs a book that I absolutely loved.

The Difficulty of Being Good: A Discussion with Gurcharan Das

The beauty gurcharan das difficulty of being good this book is that one can directly read this book without having ever come close to hearing about this Indian epic. The Difficulty of Being Good: The envy is explained to be of difficultyy forms: Harish L September 14, 6: It’s beautiful value enough for me. To quote spiderman ” with great power comes great responsibilty not just a big electracity bill ; Ravi Kolli February gurcaran, 9: I paraphrase, but that was the argument in essence.

Feb 06, Nithya Nagarathinam rated it really liked it. What is left of Dharma? But he had to attack the defenseless Bhishma and Karna to win his glory 3. All said and done. However, turning past the last pages of this book, I couldn’t think of a better approach to examine this bizarre conundrum. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I would say, he cherry pick various incident to put Krishna into negative shade and done enormous slurring for giving Duryodhana and Karna a free pass.

It would be wonderful if the same mistakes were not made as have been in N America.

The Difficulty of Being Good

Yudhisther jaise sajjan se b jhhoth bulva diya gya dharm k naam par. This reading of the Epic is remarkably similar to the Great Indian text in a profound way, and that is, it raises more questions than it answers and while Das does endeavour to look for some definite answers, it is ultimately left to the reader to decide.


The pessimist ending of the 1,00, verses long Mahabharata leaves its reader wondering about the nature of Dharma which has still not been demystified even by the highest minds. Written with the flair and seemingly effortless erudition that have made Gurcharan Das a bestselling author around the world–and enlivened by Das’s forthright discussion of his own personal search for a more meaningful life– The Difficulty of Being Good shines the light of an ancient poem on the most challenging moral ambiguities of modern life.