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Lord Vishnu is supposed to hold the conch and Wheel and Lord Shiva , the deer and an axe. Salutations that lord Narayana who is Hari, Why this delay in the attainment of pure unalloyed devotion, To the formless lord, I am asking you with folded hands, Oh God, whom I imagine as Shiva , Vishnu and Brahma. Yet, in Vrindavan, he left thousands of Gopis who were lovelorn and vanished. Ezhuthachan tells us that self realization not only makes all truths evident but also gives immense happiness. Unlike many other stotras, the verses here do not address the common man but the student of philosophy and religion. Salutations to Narayana, Realisation of the truth, That is ingrained in the philosophy, Is possible only to him, Who devotes himself to the worship , Of the feet of his guru, Who will give him, Suitable advice leading to salvation, Which would lead to the end of births.

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Retrieved from ” http: Salutations to Narayana, Though you told your brother, That the moon light divine, Was as hot as the summer sun, When you were away from Sita, You made those deer eyed maidens, Feel sorrow by going away, And leaving their company in Brindavan. Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari, I do not have the mental capability, Of understanding the several Gitas that I read, And so what I need is your grace, And to get that grace, The only way I know is devotion to you.

Salutations to lord Narayana, Harinamakeerthanam full the several notes and beats, And like the several lovely words, Join together as a part, Of a single lovely song, Your lightning power, Forms a part of your universal self, Because you are as formless as the sky. The difference in appearance in different beings is only an illusion and they are like beads harinamakeerthanam full a necklace. To death, again and again. Five Bhoothas, Five sense organs, Five aspects, Five action organs, Five airs, Five subsidiary souls, Harinamakeerthanam full actions, Six bases, Eight egoistic aspects, Eight actions inside the body and mind, Three nadis, Three mandals, Three doshasthree bad characers, three good characters, Three aspects of life, Seven minerals, Five harinamakeerthanam full organs, and the three holy gods are the 96 aspects referred in the above stanza.

From this stanza he starts using as first letter the harinamakeerthanam full and consonants of the new alphabet system. Thunchathu Ezhuthachan was a Malayali writer. Retrieved from ” https: Salutations to lord Narayana, Without any reason and results, Do not make mine in this world, Her body which is a vessel of stool, For several days of my life, And do not waste this time of my life, Without the sun rise of heavenly knowledge, Which would be of immeasurable benefit.


Ezhuthachan, if he decides to worship a God with the form, makes it clear that he would like to worship Vishnu. Salutations to lord Narayana who is Hari, Let my mind get devoid of the illusions, Due to attachment to self, Of the two types of knowledge, Which makes me think, That I and the God are separate. Salutations to Lord Narayana who is Hari, I am only able to remember, That you made a crocodile bite the feet, Of the elephant who was a prince of Pandyas, Cursed by sage Agasthya, To give them both salvation.

Salutations to Narayana, Like a bubble in water, This being travels from, The life in the womb. Who hid himself and killed by an arrow, Another son of Indra.

The only way to achieve this goal is through devotion Bhakti Yoga. His date of birth has not been definitively identified-but he is suspected to have lived in the 14th century.

Hari Nama Keerthanam

Harinamakeerthanam full, anger, miserliness, longing, exuberance and competitive spirit are the six enemies. Salutations to lord Narayana, Let my teacher who is the ocean of mercy, Edit this prayer and correct all errors, And let this prayer become a boat, To cross the sea of Sorrow, For those who are struggling in this sea.

harinamakeerthnam Salutations to lord Narayana harinxmakeerthanam is Hari, When I think of that ecstatic pleasure, Of the beats of drum, Mrudanga, tin drum and metal clasps, That I heard when my mind crossed the six stages, My mind is not keeping calm and at peace, Like the Elephant which is tied and starving sees the tasty feed. Salutations to lord Narayana, From you were born, The two effects great, One of which is harinamakeerthnaam illusion which hides, Harinamaieerthanam the other is that aspect, Which creates, looks after and punishes, In millions of ways.

Researchers think that he learned these aspects of religion from Harinamakeerthanam full Nadu. Ezhuthachan emphasizes the fact that a realized soul would not harinamakeerthanam full interest in the worldly wealth. Ezhuthachan believes that the worldly family life is a waste of time and should better be devoted in search of God. He realizes how difficult this job of making the new alphabets as first letters is going to be and prays God to help him.

While to get salvation Gajendra the elephant had to do thapas for years, to Dileepa who was known as Gadwanga and Huhu the king within an hour. Ezhuthachan tells us that self realization not only makes harinamakeerthanam full truths evident but also gives immense happiness.


Hari Nama Keerthanam – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Salutations to lord Narayana, The rain of your grace harinamakeertnanam rise, To the dull and growth, Of divine blessings great, That the lotus with thousand petals in me, Which becomes the source of my devotion to you, Oh great store house of mercy. These have added to philosophical thoughts harinamakeerthanam full Ezhuthachan. This verse is an invocation to the Paramathma whose clear vision to us is prevented by the veil of Maya. Ezhuthachan here advocates pure Bhakti and chanting of holy names, He says that there is no need for any other thing to be done.

Salutations to lord Narayana, The path way of illusion, Makes your form which is one, And which is forever, Appear as if half of your form holds, A deer and axe in harinamakeerthanam full hand, And the other half holds harinamakeerthanam full conch, And the holy wheel in your hand.

My salutations to that Narayana, With a request from humble self, To make me see him as one reality, For I was made sad extreme, To see that the indivisible one, Has been split in to two.

At that time, the alphabet of Malayalam was undergoing reform.