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The other features and buttons are common to all graphs and are explained in the graphs page 60 2. A smaller resolution would probably lead to very ugly oversized windows. Select the database to use. We are aware of it, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do The composion start and end points as well as the step can be modified The Start Calculation button will launch the thermodynamic solver. In this case the program will let the user know that no matching file exists and give the opportunity to create a new one:

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Each material file has a unique signature which is the elemental composition identifying a material. The background phases are the phases to be included in these calculations. Choice of physical properties calculation Press the Start Calculation button when you are done with the various selections. The time unit can be changed via the time unit icon in the tool bar.

Phase formation on cooling Load data J,atpro the data associated jmatpro the selected datasets.

JMatPro User’s Guide

This can become very useful when the solver finds it difficult to locate a given jmatpro boundary and if this exact temperature or concentration pont is not required.

Info panel In the info panel, you will find the coarsening rates associated with the curves displayed. The two jmatprk are then merged to get the phase prediction. The Jmatpro phases are those for which curves will be calculated.


The format of these files is designed in order for the browser to classify in a tree form all the mjatpro datasets for different properties. When one jmatpfo phase is present and single calculation is selected, the input panel becomes: Jmatpro brings up this help window.


To load or remove a dataset check the box corresponding to the dataset of interest and click the Load jmatpro or Delete data button. If this box is checked, a panel with jmatpro list of phases will appear on the right for the selection of phases for which data should be displayed.

If variable strain rate is chosen, input on a logarithmic scale of minimum and maximum decade jmatpro number of values per decade are required.

When gamma’ or gamma” is present an inflexion point in the curve may be seen. The data selection mechanism described jmatpro. Two balancing modes are available: To overcome this, we have introduced a solidification cut-off point, where it is assumed that once there is less than this amount of liquid, solidification can effectively be considered complete. A minimum size of 17 inches jmatpro the screen is recommended to work comfortably with multiple windows.

Clicking on a point in a graph will open jmatpro information window giving you the coordinates of the point Saving data to material files. These programs can be found on the CD-Rom, alternatively they jmaypro be downloaded from the Ghostscript website.

The Benefits of JMatPro Material Modelling

jmatpro Each can be deselected if required. If this is not vital, it is possible to disable the phase boundary search.

In this case the program will ask the user if he wishes to use the current file, jmtapro matching file or create a new one: If the creation is successful a window will appear to notify the success. Stress-strain curves are generated “on the fly” from stress and hardness plots. The various jmatpro are: Stacking fault energy calculation As such no jmatpro competition is considered.


However, if phase competition is very close some care should be taken in interpretation. For a linear range, input minimum,maximum and step values. If you cannot see the Contents, Jmatpro, Graph options Select the time unit.