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The road near 2 talwar, I guess it’s always supposed to remain nameless. Thus, while death toll in the city rises daily, the biggest worries of the young teenagers seem to be not being able to go to the beach or drive to the airport coffee shop when they want — the oldest of the group, Zia, has recently acquired a fake driver’s license. Perhaps this is because I am from a city but 2 hours away by air, a bitterly estranged sibling, but one that shares Karachi’s turbulent history, frustrating filth, maddening chaos but most of all its inexplicable, heart-wrenching magnetism. Regarding the Pain of Others. Want to Read saving…. I liked their strengths and their flaws. After not fully enjoying the last two books I read after reading her, I have learned my lesson:

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Kartography, which means the study of maps, is not merely the title of this outstanding novel-the entire book has symbolic meaning and can be interpreted as such. Something of a cross between Arundhati Roy and Salman Rushdie, she deserves a larger readership in the U. Or kartogrraphy I cowardly abandon the city that has taught me to fly?

Shamsie builds up a crescendo that is enticing, making the reader desperate to know why Karim’s mother and Raheen’s father broke up, why they remained close friends and why this knowledge ultimately repels Karim away from Kartography by kamila shamsie. Can angels lie spine to spine? I believe the city is in my blood. Kartography is an easy novel to fall in love with, perhaps a tad bit difficult to stay in love. Raheen and Karim have a tangled relationship which parallels, and is haunted by, the tangled relationships of their parents twenty years earlier.

Her message is well intended but her insight to the differences in society rich and poor, generational conflicts, historical implications and the East-West culture remain superficial.

Excuse us, you want to say, but we, and our descendants, will be the judges of that. Do you know how hard your heart beats when you’re lost? It was strong and impressive. Who wants to do that after reading a book? His publications include Where Worlds Collide: Still, Kartography isn’t as bad kartography by kamila shamsie I am making it out to be. She had all the rights to be angry with her father but I personally believe her reaction was exaggerated.


Kartography: Kamila Shamsie: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

The reasons behind the broken engagements, as well as the sequence in which they happened remains unknown to both Raheen and Karim, and complicates their relationship when hidden truths emerge.

If not, kartography by kamila shamsie katography must envy us humans GOD!!! Mar 12, Sim rated it it was amazing. I have always believed that Karachi is shamske home. Come home, untangler of my thoughts. The civil war, whose basis was geography and ethnicity, was by all accounts a horrible, murderous time, as such times tend to be; but for Karim, whose mother is Bengali, it is charged with a particularly personal significance.

Women of Pakistan – Kamila Shamsie – Kartography

Mar 22, Neelam Naz rated it really liked it. Likewise, the characters in this kartography by kamila shamsie are good and bad, flawed and admirable, irritating and generous, wise and silly, and ultimately perfect because they made you stop for a minute and think about who you are. Oct 25, Fatin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m sure somebody who isn’t a Karachiite wouldn’t feel the same way I did when I read this, but to me, it was just a gy of the insane love I hold for Karachi even when I hate it in my most superficial moments.

Frightened and frustrated by the violence, Karim’s father decides to move the family to England, a decision that both separates the best friends and destroys Karim’s parents’ marriage. Want to Read saving…. Aug 03, Gayathri rated it really liked it. Paperbackpages.

Though Shamsie depicts some pecularities of Pakistani society very accurately her main theme is not capturing. Also, I read a lot of foreign literature – particularly from the West because I often do not connect to local literature for whatever odd reason – ive read a lot of books about spices cliche – frankly that is definitely not who I am.



Fiction set in Pakistan is always something that I look forward to reading particularly after Moth Smoke and it helps that the author is a native of Pakistan and knows the geo I was going to give kartography by kamila shamsie a 4, but then had to settle for a 3. Maheen had already forgiven Zafar years ago and his mistakes weren’t the only obstacle in Raheen and Karim’s lovestory her own actions were also responsible for staining their relationship.

Shamsie is the daughter of literary critic and writer Muneeza Shamsiethe niece of kamilq Indian novelist Attia Hosainand the granddaughter of the memoirist Begum Jahanara Habibullah.