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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That said, the messages in these songs are universal, which is why we found them so appealing. Existing in several musical worlds simultaneously is a natural outgrowth of our musical backgrounds. Olly comes from a musical background too — his father is a keen amateur musician who started off playing folk music in pubs in St. That song fell together quite naturally, so we were encouraged to keep going. What new album or video are you working on now?

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Khiyo in Concert | Projects | Tara-Arts

Midnight Weeping Blues Nellie Florence. There are also a couple of songs about sacrifice and hope that were written in the context of the Bangladesh War of Independence. How do you manage the balance between preserving traditional music and blending contemporary sounds? Mi Chica se Vuelva Loca. How long did the album take to produce? You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Lead singer Sohnar Alam is a British singer of Bangladeshi descent, a third-generation vocalist who learned from her mother and her aunts.

Lauteri Owijak Wilczek Lauteri vol. Blick Bassy Tell Me Ako. Maybe that comes from having band members of dual heritage or others who have studied and played music from different parts of the world for a long time.

Madanmohan Rao is an author and media consultant from Bangalore, and global correspondent for world music and jazz for World Music Central and Jazzuality.

“Music can help people to see that the boundaries don’t matter” – interview with Sohini Alam

Related Content You may also like. Khiyo band amar shonar bangla will be painting live during our upcoming shows commissioned by Circulate. What is your vision of what khiyo band amar shonar bangla can do in this age of political and economical turmoil, especially in South Asia and the Middle East? World on 3 sessions are available for download as a podcast via the home page. He has written over 15 books on media, management and culture, and is research director for YourStory Media.


Sorry, this episode is not currently available. Sign in to the BBC, or Register. We picked songs that we genuinely liked. The tracks in the album cover themes that include love, loss, nostalgia, religion, nature, homeland, hope, freedom, migration, sacrifice, struggle, language, identity and so on — some of the many themes associated with the human condition.

For Sohini, her mother Hiron Alam and shpnar aunts Jannat Ara and Ferdous Ara are her foremost influences given that they were her music teachers and professional musicians themselves. What are some unusual reactions you have got? The way each band member responds to each song is different, so it zmar clear from an early stage that we needed to work with a range of musical styles.

We try to see if we can make musical sense of our ideas. Sometimes, there is still some confusion when we start with a piece. In the same way, the band brings together styles from traditional Bengali music with western influences, creating a unique blend.

The band’s debut album has just been released. How did the musicians get to know each other on your debut album?

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Seven pioneering figures in world music. How has your musical journey evolved over the years, in terms of styles, collaborations, themes? We hope that our music will speak to a whole new generation of people — khiyo band amar shonar bangla those of dual heritage, or those who know people of dual heritage — and help them see their commonalities rather than their differences. For Bengalis, the concept khiiyo homeland beyond political boundaries is especially relevant because Bengal is now split between Bangladesh and India, so three of the fourteen songs on the album are about the physical beauty and nostalgia of homeland.


This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat We are currently working on a video based on some art by Alban Low that is being developed to go with our music. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Who would you say are the hkiyo influences in your musical career?

This laid the foundations for an extremely eclectic musical career.