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The eff ect strongly depends on system characteristics, such as: Site best viewed in x screen resolution using Internet Explorer 7. The principles of ABCD gaussian beam propagation can be studied interactively. Richard Wallenstein at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany uses the program already over a couple of years for analysis and optimization of composite crystals in diode-pumped high-power picosecond lasers and amplifiers. Laser Engineering Tool To develop a powerful resonator design, the laser engineer is confronted with many interacting technical and physical problems. Ordering Information For pricing, please contact Pro-Lite. The main features of each of the three modules is described below.

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For this purpose, time dependent rate equations describing the individual photon numbers lascad a predefined set of gaussian transverse lascaad are solved by the use of a finite element solver. For many configurations, end pumped rods for example, this approximation delivers reliable results for the laser mode. In these cases FEA results can alternatively be used lascad input for a physical optics propagation code, which is based on the paraxial wave equations, and provides full 3-D simulation of the interaction of a propagating wavefront with the hot, thermally deformed crystal, without using lascad approximation.

This terminus means that the grid has regular and equidistant structure inside the crystal that is invaluable for use of the FEA results with lacsad codes Predesigned FEA models with adjustable parameters, such as lascad of crystal or material properties, are provided to assist the engineer with different laser cavity design concepts. You may wish to use our convenient enquiry form.

The lascad parabolic coefficients are then used as input for the ABCD gaussian beam code. Laser Engineering Tool To develop a powerful resonator design, the laser engineer lascac confronted with many interacting technical and lsacad problems.

The physical optics code therefore delivers realistic results for important features of lascxd laser resonator like intensity and phase profile of the lascad beam. Selectable pre-designed laser, pump and cooling configurations and user-defined material properties. The easy-to-use and clearly organized user interface of Lascad permits intuitive modeling and design of laser cavities.


Lascad behavior of complicated heterogeneous laser resonator design concepts or the combined influence of thermal lensing and gain guiding can be clearly demonstrated. Aerospace Automotive Defense Academics. Computation of shape lascad time-dependent power of a series of pulses from an actively Q-switched laser.

LASCAD Laser Cavity Modelling Software

A detailed series of measurements was carried through, which have determined laser resonator parameters carefully and verified the lascad of simulation to a high degree. High resolution absolute temperature mappings measured by the use a “thermo-camera” have been in very good agreement with simulation results delivered by LASCAD. Interactive 3D visualiser shows temperature, stress, and pump light distributions.

Computes laser power output for non-parabolic mode shapes. FEA results are used with ABCD matrix code lascad multiplying the temperature distribution by the derivative of the refractive index versus temperature. Shows x and y axis profiles of fundamental and higher order Gaussian modes together with the transverse pump profile to visualise the overlap.

Modelling based upon output mirrors with Lascad reflectivity profile is currently being implemented; modelling based upon mirrors with Gaussian reflectivity profile is already available from LASCAD. The DMA code offers several important new features: Thermal lensing is of growing importance, due to the tendency to miniaturize laser systems, while simultaneously increasing power output.

It helps the engineer to understand experimental results without wasting valuable time studying complicated manuals:. Propagation of the laser beam through an optical system lascad the cavity can be carried through with the ABCD matrix as well as with the BPM code for instance coupling the laser beam into a lascad.

The user interface of the program, shown in Fig. This lascad can be ordered via the Pro-Lite on-line shop.

Verification of Results

The obtained refractive index distribution is fitted parabolically using the finite element mesh subdivisions. It uses an automatic lascad algorithm to generate a semi-unstructured grid.

The program menu makes available thermal fi nite element analysis, Lascad ABCD matrix code, physical optics code, analysis of Q-switched operation, computation of laser stability and power output.


The obtained gaussian mode shape and the pump light distribution are used to compute the laser power output. It helps the engineer to understand experimental results without wasting valuable time lascad complicated manuals: Different from the ABCD gaussian beam code the physical optics propagation code ladcad takes into account diffraction effects due to apertures, misalignment effects, and gain guiding.

In case of standing-wave resonators a stability lascad based on generalized g-parameters can be shown. Download the paper in the publications section.

LAS-CAD GmbH | LASCAD | Features

ABCD Gaussian Beam Propagation Code When using the FEA results with lasfad ABCD gaussian mode propagation code, the temperature distribution, multiplied lascad the temperature dependence of the refractive index is fitted parabolically at right angles to the optical axis using the finite element grid subdivisions. Results of thermal analysis are used for the simulation of thermal lensing effects of a variety of pump configurations and cooling systems in solid-state lasers SSL or diode-pumped solid-state lasers DPSSL.

It lascae a llows lascad cavity lascad.