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Perhaps the most endearing thing about Hannah is how absolutely unaware she seems to be of what an extraordinary singer she is. Push Studios 2 M. The way that, say, the guitar and vocal interact is massively important to us. Now it’s your turn. It’s right here, right now.

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Following its release, the buzz london grammar – hey now (bodhi remix) and the chatter grew: Arty is the best choice to transform the original intro a prime time hit and I believe that this remix should be pushed to radio station playlists along with the excellent original. London Grammar are definitely one of the best electronica related groups with excellent melodies, sophisticated production standards and of course meaningful lyrics with breathtaking performance that cast a spell on you straight away and you feel haunted by them.

But there were grammmar during the writing and recording process when I just sensed that it was time to put something out, that if we didn’t release Hey Nowwe’d miss our moment.

Planet of Sound deliver the tribal deep tech house version with long atmospheric intro with organic percussion and little guitar riffs. You have no avoid that trap. Heavily Involved in every aspect of the making their album, even they admit that there came a time when the tinkering and the tweaking had to stop.

Tensnake adds his deep house touch and he crafts a magnificent deep hypnotic remix with long intro funky techy bassline, pumping beats and beautiful electro pop style synths. Don’t let that remark fool you that they are casual about what they do. But not in order to achieve perfection. Crystal clear yet rich with vibrato, confiding yet detached, imperious yet london grammar – hey now (bodhi remix), Hannah’s voice translates the sound pictures the band obsess over in the studio into raw emotional reality.

We tend to agree about deleting stuff more easily; when it comes to putting something in, there are more disputes. Now it’s your turn. They’ll be playing at We Love Green festival on May Overwhelming precisely because, both lyrically and musically, it drops hints rather than shouts in your face, the track’s sepulchral, desolate, after-hours alt-soul captures everything that is so ensnaring about the band’s less-is-more music-making.


Bio It is doing no disservice at all to London Grammar to say that very little happens in their songs. You eventually reach a point where you find your place, and you realise your music has found its place, too.

It’s a song you finish listening to and then find yourself thinking: The Arty remix has already seen huge support from Armin van Buuren, Heg Ingrosso and David Guetta, we are now finally pleased to unleash the one single everyone has been requested to be released.

By the time the single Wasting My Young Years appeared, any doubts about London Grammar’s significance had disappeared. But Dan stepped in, as he usually does. Very melodic, romantic, driving and absolutely mesmerising with awesome piano melodies in the breakdown and huge climax that will cause damage on the floors and drive the clubbers in tears straight away.

LISTEN: London Grammar ‘Hey Now’ (Bodhi Remix)

Dan’s measured, minimal guitar and Dot’s caressing piano lines and punctuating percussion are precision bombs, always on the point of explosion but, tantalisingly, never quite detonating, their sonic architecture entirely at the service of the song — and the vocals.

They will be playing in Paris on march 25th and in Lyon on 1st of march. The album is — finally — ready, new songs such as If You Wait and Flickers possessing that strange duality of lament and defiance, that beauty that is somehow at once icy and suffused with warmth, filled with textures, colours, shadings and interjections that are barely there, but which achieve a devastating power.

We first heard that interaction last December, when the trio posted the track Hey Now online. It is doing no disservice at all to London Grammar to say that very little happens in their songs.

At one point while we were making the album, we got too caught up in putting too much on the tracks and losing that sense of space, so london grammar – hey now (bodhi remix) then went through this process of deleting everything we could. The result of 18 painstaking months spent writing and recording, its eleven tracks are testament to the trio’s innate understanding of the roles that subtlety, contrast and restraint have always played in great music.


The main body of the track is balearic with exotic atmosphere that manage easily to transfer your mind.

Hey Now Song Download Mp3 | Size ( MB) – Download Mp3 Best Music Song

London Grammar remixed by Bodhi! Hey Now is the next single with brilliant remixes. The way that, say, the guitar and vocal interact is massively important to us. On the same deep house direction moves the KDA remix that is hypnotic, mesmerising and packed with so many emotional signals that will be impossible not to crawl under your skin and touch you deep in your soul. Flux BPM Online Bodhi remix is a minimal deep tech house version with analogue warmth and experimental approach.

I’m a nightmare like that.