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To Lord Shiva, who bears the crescent moon, we bow; The celestial Ganges descends from his matted locks: Panduranga, Vitthala of Pandhari who is bestower of auspiciousness, enchanter of the heart and supporter of those afflicted and miserables. Victory and glory to the spiritual teacher! O Lord residing on “Shail” Mountain! He is the beloved son of Nanda who loved to dance.

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Merciful gracious and the purest One – Lord Sai is destroyer of demonic attributes. Worship Lord Rama of raghu dynasty.

Worship the auspicious Mother of the Universe, Mother Sai and Amba who has an enchanting face with a charming smile. O Narayana, who has the celestial bird Garuda as His vehicle O Lord Narayana who reclines on the serpent Sesha who is the beloved Lord of Lakshmi, who is the Embodiment of Om and the destroyer of evil. Merciful protector and sustainer, full of virtues and granter of immense happiness.

Thou art always in ecstasy and are the destroyer of illusion or maya and conqueror of time. Easy to please Lord Shankar destroys the fear of cycle of birth and death. He is always appeased and worshipped first. Nxrayana Amba is the mother of Mahadeva maheshwara sai narayana and destroyer kaheshwara cycle of birth and death.

Sing in praise of Hari Narayana Vishnu. Mother mahadeva maheshwara sai narayana the Universe – ever in blissful form is the protector of the Three Worlds. Hey Madhava, Keshava, Hari, Narayana. Thy Cosmic Form engulfs the entire Universe. O Mahaedva Sai Shyama with dark blue- complexioned charming form!


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You are the caretaker of the universe. Kindly accept me at Thy Lotus Feet.

Glory to You, Lord Shiva. Glory to you, the enchanting indweller of Radha’s heart. Sing the glory of blue-hued Krishna. Blessed Krishna, You are the One who charms the most desirable, You crush the serpent demon of ignorance.

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Recite the name of Lord: Ram, You are the Lord of the helpless, come again as Sai. Thou art full of mercy and compassion; treasure of bliss and virtues; protector of devotees and uplifter of miserable maheswhara dejected. Lord Shiva, supreme Lord, adorned with the crescent moon; Lord of the purest qualities, dancing Lord Shiva, we bow to thee.

Thou incarnated in Shirdi as Mahadeva maheshwara sai narayana of Shirdi. Hey Vinaayaka, the beautiful One, You bestow auspiciousness. Because of the power associated in the concept, Akhenatenin introducing monotheismsaid that Shai was an attribute of Atenwhereas Ramses II claimed maheshwarz be lord of Shai maheshwarra.

Victory to Thee Mother in Your task majeshwara redeeming mankind. Sai Om fills my eyes and what they perceive Sai Om fills me from birth until death. These are the pillars of life, itself, O Guru!

Sweet flute player of dark blue skin, Lord of Radha, Mathura, Surdas, bearer of the mountain, Meera’s Lord Krishna who plays in the heart. Chant the names of Venkatesha, Srinivasa.


Mahadeva Maheshwara Sai Narayana, sung by Sai Ganesh Nagpal

In every heartbeat Sai abodes. Thou gives protection to those who have come to Thy refuge. Chant the many names of Krishna, You are the God of Gods. Victory to Lord Sathya Sai Baba. Worship Lord Shankar who wears cobra as an ornament on His neck.