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Game of the week. Don’t just read reviews or play games on JayIsGames. It makes no sense that when you come back to a “saved” game, the mnieshaft you worked on is entirely gone. You wake up locked in a hospital room without pain or any injury There is an options screen where you can turn down the music volume, for the initial default setting is quite loud.

miniclip motherload

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After you dig past or maybe 1, feet, if you go back to the surface and to the far right, you’ll see a small martian spaceship, go to it and it will give you the ability to convert some not all dirt blocks into money oil for the martiansthe deeper you go the more they are worth. Some greenish looking containers that you can easily mistake for a martian corpse gives you ability to convert gas pockets into fuel. Free online and mobile games.


I would buy at least C4 first. When you get down to the gas pockets make sure you have one of the best two hulls and radiators try to by c4 or dynamite and only dig through squares with minerals in them. Contents [ show ]. Anyway, all you have to do is bring about plastic explosives and nanobot miniclio and blow his legs off. They’re are two levels of the boss.

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That’s 2 missed chances Has anyone gotten to the motherload at the end? Natan, or whatever its called. If I press any key up, dn, lft, rt; or a, d, s, w it just keeps flying up up up If you looked at him carefully, you’d see some key factors.


So why not outsource a robot to a difficult, complicated, and very nuanced task. You will meet Natas and he will try to kill you. If you dig only minerals and blow up places where you can’t dig through minerals, gas pockets can’t blow you up.

If you beat him, It adds up all your money, plus extra money from selling body parts from the devil. My brother and I can beat Mr.

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And i cant find the boss how do u now how far u are after feet? You need explosives, so stock up on that and nano-repair bots. Anybody wanna share some info on this game because believe me i know more than the average person does please tell me your favourite way of collecting money on motherload plz What are the codes for the different items again?

miniclip motherload

My suggestion is to try to play the game at other sites and try the cheats there. I found it slow to begin with but once you get the highest level hull there appears to be no problem.

Every time challenge is completed, fuel is refilled, and hull is repaired. I went really high in the sky and I found the god of sky who gives you an angel. I’ve gone all the way down and I can’t find anything!!

miniclip motherload

Am I doing something wrong? I mtoherload till Also, to get to natas, when you get to the bottom and can’t dig, go all the way right.


Better Drills allow you to drill faster. Once he said “turn back of you will be terminated You’re in too much pain minlclip anything else as the melancholy of it all comes crashing down on your heads, like Or is it just because im using cheats? Remember where you left off and drop right down the shaft to that point.


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