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December 26th, 3. Join Date Dec Beans June 16th, 9. Moblock peerguardian linux alternative pinoyskull: Today we proudly present to you: Including a far better integration with iblocklist. This makes sure that the sending application is notified immediately that its traffic was blocked in contrast to DROPped packets, where no notification is sent, so that the application waits quite long and then gives up.


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This version has native systemd integration, molbock local blocklist support, an overhauled pglgui and a lot of bugfixes. How do I choose what blocklists to use?


PeerGuardian is a privacy oriented firewall application. Aug 14 pgl 2. Including a far better integration with iblocklist.

The usage is nearly identical, just type “pglcmd” instead miblock “blockcontrol”. If the application only needs to connect to one or a few servers, with fixed IPs, then you should whitelist IPs.

June 15th, 7. I want to see if all files are there.


Contributors and testers are welcome! We’re still alive and even have some plans for the future.

Install the packages

To learn, what gets blocked I recommend that you use mobloquer. Then, run the following in terminal.


Results 1 to 10 of Is it possible to specify a network interface where moblock operates on My internet is slow since I installed MoBlock! If your debconf interface doesn’t support your mouse, then you have to use your keyboard: If you want to put a range of ports, use the format “startport: June 9th, 1.


Otherwise you could just uninstall Moblock, the monlock would be nearly the same.

moblock-deb: Debian packages for PeerGuardian Linux

How can I allow whitelist traffic to certain IPs? Monlock can even get more information about what is being blocked. It checks all traffic for certain IPs. Added packages for Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty But now, which is the best solution for you? Anyway, take this default and confirm the question: Then you can use your mouse ,oblock debconf questions.

June 15th, 8. Jun 13 PeerGuardian Linux 2. Why did you install MoBlock? This is movlock a bug fix release. Uninstall MoBlock Be sure that you are not using synaptic or update manager when you work with packages in terminal. Then it will download some blocklists for you during installation be patient, this may take a whileand start it as a daemon.

Moblock (peerguardian linux alternative)

In the default configuration MoBlock starts at system boot and some preconfigured blocklists are updated once a day. Look at the log to check if you are unsure.


So you can whitelist any combination of ports, IPs, and if your kernel joblock it traffic that originates from certain users or applications. Results 1 to 9 of 9.