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The Witcher Card Game. As a nice touch, it’s impossible to trap this circle, although you can be attacked while you’re standing on it, particularly by the churning layer of vermin. It’s mindless Diablo clicking. You might notice, however, that those are all shooters, arguably the least complicated to design. It’s possible that the look on the cutscenes was intentional. Power-ups are also scattered around the level, and they can increase your fighting ability. A strictly amateur game.

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With speed being such a factor here, slowness is not good–unless you have a ranged attack like the tank Golem. While these beasts ensure that you can’t camp a trap and take the loot dropped by your enemy, they’re more annoying than challenging.

No score yet – based on 3 Critics Awaiting 1 more review What’s this? You won’t find any salvation in Necromania’s presentation, either. In theory, at least. But the cost of setting devious traps wasting time that could be spent looking for keys just isn’t commensurate with the reward which is the small possibility that the defeated enemy might drop something useful.

Seven different classes are available for necromaia. Of the seven character classes, it seems like necromania traps of darkness Stone Golem invariably crushes the competition.

Encromania knight hits hard and takes a beating, but he moves slowly. The game can only be played in x or x resolutions, resulting in a primitive, pixelated look for environments and characters.

I encourage the developer to keep trying, this is their first effort, goodness knows how they convinced strategy first to pick it up – this one’s a miss, wish you better luck on your next one. When i played it i felt like i flashed back to at least or earlier. This is shareware-caliber stuff. The game’s poorly necromania traps of darkness design, clunky interface, Stone Age graphics, and horrible sound effects combine to form a product that is impossible to recommend to anyone.


Log in to finish rating Necromania: While the traps can be quite effective, they’re also pretty aggravating, because it usually means instant death. The levels don’t offer much variety either, and the characters animate rather poorly. Looks like Dark Soft is quite capable of making good games, IF the makers have good ideas.

Necromania: Trap of Darkness Screenshots for Windows – MobyGames

Since traps are invisible to the player unless you pick up a rare power up that allows you to see all of them temporarilytraps are far more effective than combat. The game’s CG cutscenes look farcical, and almost campy in execution, as though you’re watching an Evil Dead flick. On paper, the premise of Necromania sounds alright; but in practice, the game is more frustrating than it is fun.

It’s just that the makers lacked interesting new ideas.

Necromania: Traps of Darkness Review

There is nothing you haven’t seen before – and better. The graphics are mediocre, the gameplay is mediocre, the sound is mediocre It’s possible that the look on the cutscenes was intentional. Necromania possesses a weak role-playing element where you earn points after completing each level that you can use to upgrade your strength or speed.

There is multiplayer, but not surprisingly, we couldn’t find anyone else playing the game. Driven to please a dark lord, the evil minions of Necromania traps of darkness scramble to collect the keys necessary to free their dark master from his supernatural bonds and win his favor forever.

Necromania: Traps of Darkness Review – GameSpot

The slanted overhead perspective also makes it difficult to discern between a wall and a door, since they chose not to make it isometric. The idea behind each level is that you must find the keys before your opponents do, or defeat them in battle and take away the keys they’ve found, so you can find your way out. Unfortunately, the box copy doesn’t quite get the point across that this is not your typical Medieval adventure.


With a little more depth, a little more polish on the visuals, and some better character balancing, it could necromania traps of darkness been one of those “simple but fun” games like Katamari or pulling lint out of your bellybutton. Necromania’s speech literally sounds as if the placeholder voices used during development were just never removed.

A powerful AI, diverse maps with random item spawning and combinations of dark competitors ensure long hours of diverse gameplay. This is what happens when you give a unit lots of armor and a ranged attack.