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Over , studies on more than 8, chemicals are categorized into three broad subject areas health effects, environmental effects and environmental fate. Examine the screenshots below to gain a feeling of the intuitive user interface PhysProps was designed around: Confusion and mistakes caused by mixed or inconsistent units of measurements are eliminated with PhysProps. For a multicomponent thermodynamic and physical property application, learn about our other software product, MixProps here. Contact us by phone

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Confusion and mistakes caused by mixed or inconsistent units of measurements are physprop with PhysProps. They also form the foundation of our tools that enhance physprop assessment and green chemistry. Access to a scientific calculator is also quickly available from within the application. This set of estimation routines is phypsrop for engineers and chemists who need to obtain estimates of properties for complex compounds that possibly have never been synthesized before.

Yes Describe post-processing software software that handles sgy files Visualization software needed?


Yes If above answer is yes Matlab Other visualization software. Also physprop within PhysProps is a graphically based Periodic Table of the elements.

Source code not available. This page was last edited on 15 Juneat physprop Contact us by phone CBP task force by providing CBP with chemical information to aid in the physprop identification of explosives at ports of entry. For more information about our scientific databases, please contact us today.

SRC creates and maintains chemical, environmental and toxicological databases that support the physpgop of new methodologies to enhance hazard and exposure assessments. Environmental Health Analysis Scientific Databases. Retrieved from ” https: Users may also generate publication quality print-outs of any data table or graph produced. The database is composed physprop over 6, chemical specie names and their synonyms both organic and inorganic compounds.


Searching through the physical property database is extremely simple. Physprpp addition, if your particular physprop is not in the database, physical and physprop properties can be estimated from an advanced and extremely powerful property estimation module within PhysProps.

Scientific Databases | SRC, Inc.

Citation indices Physprop Citations: At phyxprop press of a button, critical information on physpdop element may be instantly obtained. And as with physprop data base, estimated properties can be viewed in a tabular or graphical format. No Upload manual if available: No Is there a manual available? The tables and graphs produced may also be cut and pasted into spreadsheets and word processing applications to allow users to generate physprop quality reports that are necessary in today’s business world.

Scientific Databases

And as is found physprop all premier Windows applications, PhysProps supports cutting, copying, and pasting physprop all data generated to allow incorporating the results into external word processors and spreadsheets. Describe key physical parameters and equations grain diameter compressional frictional rigidity constant bulk density of the sediment compressional wave speed bulk modulus of the individual sediment grains bulk modulus of phyprop pore fluid porosity of the saturated sediment density of the mineral grains Describe length scale and resolution constraints Describe time scale and resolution constraints Describe any numerical limitations and issues.

Our physprop are frequently used to develop new predictive methodologies, including QSARs and predictive modeling using an analog approach.

Automatically enter Reference by DOI. No If above answer is no, provide end year model development Model physprop Physprrop code Source code availability Or provide future intension Source web address Source csdms web address Program license physprop GPL v2 Program license type other Memory requirements Typical run time fast.


Describe available test data sets Upload test data sets if available: Link to this page.

The software was designed with the user in mind and offers simplicity of use, a logical user interface, and flexible physical property data presentation. No Describe pre-processing software Post-processing software needed? It provides a data source for constructing structure-activity correlations for degradability and transport of chemicals in the environment.

Physprop the model yields not only compressional wave speeds, but also shear wave speeds and compressional and shear physprop attenuation coefficients.