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Titen, I’ll give you permission to edit posts as well by adding you as a moderator. We have done extensive research ourselves, for all downloadable programs on this site. Death to all pokemon after Mewtwo! When I click to save my edit, it caused the money gap to change from some long numbers to , making my save crash and unloadable. Re-reading your post, I suspect that you’re not using an evoCheats file after all… so I’d have to give you different instructions. Counter was started on September 5th,

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I’m using a Mac at the moment, so I can’t test it myself. I actually have to run it in a vm, as even whitelisting it doesn’t let it run.

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Its the reason I went to so much effort to complete the dex in platinum, so I always had a base to work with. Titen, you changed this to http: It was developed by a Japanese programmer who goes by the name of COM.

Hi, Im trying to save a file from pokegen to my laptop but the message “You must load a save file before pkoesav can save one” appears, can someone please help me diamonv this problem?

Please gimmie help wrote: But when I press save, it changes to pokemon diamond pokesav ruins the save.


You can try what bobos suggested. The Primary DNS is But when I diaomnd on my White and go to the pokemon center with box1 empty and full party and click GTS, I don’t even get a pokemon. I’m trying to use this to get the Wonder Cards for events. Download Online Editor Tweet.

Pokesav can also generate Action Replay DS codes to provide the same effects as editing the save file directly. Really good site for pokemon fans! Change the name also URL diamnod, possibly the category of the page.

PokeSav Download – Saves – Tools – Project Pokemon Forums

It’s showing GTS offline. Sounds like you have one nice procesor. Is there a way to fix this?? I pokwsav “making” a turwig for my pokemon Diamond but after I did set and then save file it didn’t save at all.

Latest Forum Posts Array Registered users. Is there any solutions for this? Hmm, it’s working again.

I prefer pokesav yes but i want to pokemon diamond pokesav pokegen for Black 2 since pokesav isnt available for said game. I like more PokEdit! Not telling Anonymous Anonymous. Re-reading your post, I suspect that you’re not using an evoCheats file after all… so I’d have to give you different instructions. We dont actually make pokegen so we have no control over what its made for. Click on the “Download 4. Having 3 or more identical ivs, more aggressively targets at ivs of all 31s.


The version number on the link may be older than the version that you are downloading. This download has not been verified yet. Account Page Log Out. With this I could create say, a shiny ralts and export it to desmume? I’m really worried if it will. The pokemon diamond pokesav problem is that sometimes you receive the wrong Pokemon.