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The incomplete games will not be recovered and in order to obtain them a re-installation will be required. Something about the file format for USBExtreme. Image 10 Check all the indicators and keep in mind the precaution ptotocol given before. Friends from my country: Add Thread to del.

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When all the names have been recovered uebutil can proceed to erase the rest, if it was a ul. Here you are all the options available for USBUtil ver 1. To all the friends from the web forum: Image 6 General Information Viewdetail about the games and hard-disc capacity used.

Note thta after using this option the games can not be recovered.

USB UTIL 2.0 english

USBUtil intends that your work should be as clean as posible, and this option is a cleaning complement for anything which can remain in disc, no fear in using ps2 usbutil 2.0 but be careful, never write. Last Jump to page: Friends from my country: The other indicator is Destination Space which indicates the availabity of space inside destination, USBUtil indicates automatically the availabity of space inside destination, if there is not enough space the user will be informed.

When the procces ends the recovery, the user will be asked if he wants to load the list on whcih the recovery was made, you can use this option if it is your will.


The recovered games be run by Playstation, to recognize their real names, but the easiest way is to reinstall them all again. Every time USBUtil has to recover a game, it must generate a name and its CRC, ps2 usbutil 2.0 must be also unique inside the file directory where the game will be recovered.

For more detail check image 7.

All PS2 Games To Usb (Iso-Bin) Full + IDMAN & USBUTIL

Also you need to know that if there is no space no operation will be usbutiil. Some other recovery cases which require atention: Keep up the great work. Something about the file format for USBExtreme. Image 8 check here all the current indicators Button Select: For more detail check image 8.

For sure you can restore the space or just erase it. For more details check image The time now is Image 4 Game Recovering window. I hope you don’t mind, but I copied your post to here and made it a ps so people can find your app easier.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. The software needs to work the game files already created with the configuration file ul. For details check imagens 1 and 3. Join Date Aug Location S.

If you have some doubts please check the Help option attached to the software. Help Options The help options are: We will explain some cases to ps2 usbutil 2.0 an idea of the obtained result. Add Thread to del. Next step is to explain usbugil use has each button: Greetings First of all to SceneSpain, because across this web the software will reach you all.


Allows to rename the game under the selection bar, this option as well as the one before upgrades automatically 20. configuration files. Thats why is so important the ul-old. Allows to organize the gamne list in memory and in disc, the configuration files ul.