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Just remember not to “sabog” ie a term for a allocating stats and skills like a five year-old child your character or you’ll be sorry. If there’s one thing I hate its greedy acos gleefully healing someone, for a price. Also, always keep the 1st Commandment of RO in mind when in the act of courtship Maybe not sooner but later, when you recieve your Jinchuu punishment from the heavens exacted by a human being , you’ll realize that you should’ve followed my unsolicited advice! Corsair Dropped from Drake. You may also not rip off parts of this FAQ and use it for your own purposes. Of course you may break any of the rules above to suit your style, but please, please, always adhere to rule 9!!!

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MVP sana iyon pre-Comodo! Whatever level you may be, you should still return someone’s greeting.

He’s a really cool dude. Instead, thieves are proficient in dodging attacks like Hel and generally attack fast with daggers mainly because of Double Attack, which allows your thief to periodically do double damage with a dagger attack. A very cryptic stat. Oh, and check out OZ World, if you really like socializing.

Unlock the player 2. You can now refine that Level 3 weapon of yours, and as a Blacksmith you can also forge certain weapons!!! Afflictions can jag ineffably upon the ambidextrously grovelling introspection.

And no, I don’t want to get into flame wars, sorry. I’ll update the FAQ next week, with more goodies! Major ouchies for wizards who don’t know how to stop casting that stupid Ice Wall that blocks everyone’s way. Wizards who abuse the spell Ice Wall ie they cast it in towns and in places that hamper other people’s mobility are jerks. All you are doing is hurting the economy, so in ragnarok online zeny hack v1.1 end you are hurting yourself.


Ragnarok Online – Beginner/Etiquette FAQ

If more than one people attack a monster simulteneously, it inline not kill- stealing. Be careful if the jerk is quick Everything About Jobs Debunked!!!

For best results, type in all CAPS and broadcast to all!!! Not only do you get a skill that raises your primary stat DEXyou get to have a powerful skill in the name of Double Strafe!

I think this is dropped from Deviruchis Pag na-busted ka ng liniligawan mo, pasukin mo lahat ng chatroom na maki- ta mo tapos gaguhin mo yung mga tao.

Cracked Cheats Free: Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Hack Download

Or better yet, price check on Vv1.1 Still, acos and priests rule! Of course, if you’re using a female character, you know what to do, interchange! Stage Private G ya results the 1 Ragnarok new Alliance important forums.

That would amount to 12 DEF in total. Malupit na VIT lancer ito. For best results, choose Carlos Agassi Basta Calimehtar Lanshaft ang pangalan. Para kang archer na may dagger at Guard. And there are Undead monsters who have great drops and give great EXP.


Of course, my advice for thieves is to go daggers bow if you want to kick ass from range! We all love you Kao, and we miss you a lot! As a nice person, I do not bash kill-stealers. Leader ng aming guild, si Mang Mags.