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The child in Renzo is probably his endearing quality that makes his music so genuine in spirit and intent. Latin American Film Festival. I know a lot of people think my song, Pop , sounds somewhat crazy maybe laughs. There was all that noise, music and people playing with the gadgets. So, I must instead, write a song of beauty, and people can decide if it is pop or not. Meet Cimorelli, Band of Sisters.

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Many famous artists and musicians in Italy come from the south. This song is no doubt, one of the most beautiful songs I have ever written. My hometown is very close to my heart, and definitely influences my songwriting. A look at the big budget movies coming out this year. The most topical and thoughtful TV show out there.

But, I hope that people listen to my songs without thinking that my renzo rubino poppins simply make me popppins star, but rather, because I play them from my heart. I only knew Japan from manga, so I came here feeling like it was a fantasy land. I had the band with ppopins for about one year, then I moved to Milan to seriously study singing under the direction of Andrea Rodini, my singing coach, who has since been my most important artistic producer.

There was once a playful renzo rubino poppins carefree boy from the fubino town of Taranto, in Puglia, who ventured out to the cobbled streets of Martina Franca in his sweetened youth. They come out naturally from within poppns.

You get up late because stores open late. The child in Renzo is probably his endearing quality that makes his music so genuine in spirit and intent. What he may lack in formal music education, he manifests in his preferred tendency to preserve the Italian classics. It was a little shocking. I went to Akihabara, the electronics district, and I entered a building that had nothing but manga toys and electronic stuff.


It is like totally another world! When I was a child, I read Kenshiro and Mazinger.

Pop is everything that we know, but most of all, it is beautiful! Maybe Japan is manga in itself? I know a lot of people think my song, Popsounds somewhat crazy maybe laughs.

Poppins – Renzo Rubino | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Delighting Japanese Italian pop lovers with familiar tunes, such as Volare and Estate, and favorite tracks from his three albums, FenzoPoppins and Secondo RubinoRenzo inevitably had the audience singing together with him the reputable songs that have made him the star of south Renzo rubino poppins So many girls came to the nightclubs. Spends time between writing, reading, traveling, yoga, Japanese calligraphy, photography, museums, piano, concerts – sharing the richness of life with special souls of inspiration.

Such attention given to rrenzo seeds of Italian classic melody and opera makes Renzo a unique breed of youngsters in his generation. For him and his small band, it was, at first, a playful attempt to attract girls. Get updates on the Wall Street International Magazine. The Sanremo Festival airs on national TV, renzo rubino poppins it was not an easy song to interpret, and it could have produced a strange impression when I sang it in the festival. Meet Cimorelli, Band of Sisters. poppims

Renzo Rubino Poppins Tour a Marina di Carrara

My melody is quite opera-inspired. Two more concerts followed: And, so it is with Renzo. Tokyo looks so huge, like a perfect engine; everything rubio so synchronized, orderly and clean. I merely invented the words. At first, it was considered taboo in Italy, especially because of Catholic protests against homosexuality.


And, look where I am now smiles.