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Sign in Already have an account? S One final thing I tried some of their “suggestions” to no avail. I do have the issue where I have to set the polarity when I first start a movie, but that icester guy far overstates the level of inconvenience; I’ve never had to swap other than when first starting a movie or game. I called the number and all i get is recordings. I have 3d vision but no br drive I just have to wait.

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Also the assistance in Italy tell me that the Cineplayer it isn’t a BD player!!! When I put a disk in the drive, nothing roxio cineplayer bd with 3d. It has a 3d vision support emblem on the startup, so I assume the shutter mode probably works with 3d vision not confirmed by me! Absolutely no soundcard stereo options. Thanks for that info. I’m not sure if it will stay like ‘that’ but until otherwise stated, that’s it. Shutter glasses also are not the way forward, families will have roxio cineplayer bd with 3d fight over the sweet spot of the TV to watch a 3D film All i hear about Nvidias 3D vision is that the glasses weight a ton and they make you want to puke.

There are four major developers that have announced their intentions to produce Blu-ray 3D playback software: Is there any way Ipeople like myself can upgrade for free in view of the fact that cineplayer is no longer being updated.

I’ve got an hdmi 1. I don’t see anything in the menu about hdmi 1. What is the error exactly? Just downloaded Roxio Cineplayer 3D for blu-ray Ver 5. I’m using x DLP Link glasses. I just have to wait. General Chat Search In. Read well on the forum is there to put your hands between your hair!


I think what Asus was getting at cineplajer they include a basic Bluray player. Don’t get me wrong. TMT5 is so much better than the other programs. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

3D Blu Ray – Watch Full HD Movies in 3D with Native 3D Vision Support|NVIDIA UK

I didn’t change the operating system, but cinneplayer are constantly being clneplayer by others. But weighing a ton and making you want to puke? With Sony Pictures being a major content provider of Blu-Ray movie titles, Sony may have more of a vested interest in keeping Blu-Ray discs running smoothly on their laptops.

I wonder if i get an ati 6 series card, if the connections in 3D at Hz for the projector will still allow me to get HD audio through my receiver using my audio card or if i have to use toslink or analogue instead.

Blu-ray 3D On The PC: The Tom’s Hardware Review

Aparently yesterday at 3: It’s like cineplater or trial ware. Hopefully it will help others – there’s another similar thread on wrong file formats which was the error message that kept popping up every time I tried to play a clip.

ASUS if continue in this way will go down soon! I’ve been using the Arcsoft TMT5 demo for a couple weeks, and my roxio cineplayer bd with 3d just expired.

You’ll forgive me if i dont spend a penny on 3D until it atleast progresses to the point that its viable. Yeah, I know, a lot of people probably just pirate stuff like this.


The only comments were that cinepalyer glasses were lighter than they looked, that it appeared crystal clear, gd that the 3D effect was well done. While it can play Bluray, thats not its main objective. How long was it before HD took off?

I have 3d vision but no br drive