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Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The system requires the. Articles Of Faith 5 K’s. Literature in Gurmukhi Punjabi. English To Gurmukhi Translit. This is a great application for gurdwaras and schools.

sikhi max

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Rec Harmandir Sahib Kirtan.

Here are some training videos to show you how to use the software. NET siohi version to run as a prerequisite. Store your profile and access things like your favourites and display settings across devices, so that you will never lose your favourites. Installation As the setup file is 44Mb in size we have stored it on Google Drive at the following location.

Smart Sikhi – Super Sant 2. The website and desktop versions are available at www. Sikhl overcome the problem follow these instructions. Answer 15 question to earn the title of SuperSant! As the setup file is 44Mb in size we have stored it on Google Drive at the following location.

After that a PDA version was created so you could do Gurbani searches on the go… anywhere.

Sikhi To The MAX II

After installing the software, Windows Vista users also need to follow these steps to ensure that the security settings allow the software to run. What we can do and how we can view Gurbani is really only limited by our creativity and imagination…and taking the time to create something new. Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.


sikhi max

Discover Sikhs Early Gursikhs. Literature in Devanagari Hindi. Sundar Gutka Sahib Audio. They started with the SikhiToTheMax. Five Takhts – Holy Thrones. Smart Sikhi – Learn Gurmukhi.

Shabad – SikhiToTheMax

This is has changed the way that Gurdwaras in this modern age bring a deeper understanding of Gurbani to the sangat. A few Ragis use this cool tool.

With the digitalization of Gurbani and various translations becoming available, the options for viewing and searching through Gurbani are limitless. Do your own research using indexes.

Takht Sri Hazur Sahib.

Sikhi To The MAX II | Discover Sikhism

Learn Tav Prasad Savaiye. You will need administrator rights. Sikh News News in English. Paath – Reciting Gurbani. The application was adopted across the world and paved the way for viewing Gurbani along side all Gurdwara services.

Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji.

sikhi max

Literature in Other Languages. Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. One group of sevadhars has spent a lot of time to create some awesome services; making Gurbani accessible in so many different ways.

sikhi max

Live Harmandir Sahib Kirtan. Read Gurbani and use options such as bookmarking and adding your own notes to a Shabad.

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