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Jordan Rosser13 , December 3rd, Written based on this version: Gokiburi Very solid album. This is fast, sharp and aggressive with plenty to like in the speed department while also containing enough melody and memorable songwriting for those looking for something beyond a band playing on warp-speed the entire time, and this effectively gives the band a fantastic record on just about every possible angle. When all is said and done, Skeletonwitch is a live band. Posted by Jeremy Ulrey on October 24, at Dustin Boltjes drums and Evan Linger bass maintain a throttling gallop of a rhythm section, enough to ensure guitarists Nate Garnette and Scott Hedrick saddle sores for weeks.

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Taking inspiration from one of the best possible sources, that is, 90s melodic black skeletonwitch serpents unleashed, and grinding it down with thrash influences to a perfectly honed spearpoint of metal is what Skeletonwitch does with Serpents Unleashed. Although they’ve essentially released the same record five times now, the guitar parts still remain engrossing. Their sound is rock solid, focused, unpretentious, and just a lot of fun.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter E-mail. Burned From Bone Chance Garnette belts bile atop it all in what at times resembles a genre-displaced black metal shriek… it’s that mild “fish out of water” skeletonwitch serpents unleashed that adds a little distinction to a band that is admittedly plying a pretty shopworn melange of genre tropes otherwise.

skeletonwitch serpents unleashed I’ve always found Skeletonwitch’s vocalist a little lackluster, but then again, he’s just providing adequate vocals over the instrumental onslaught.

It’s the artistic insignificance to “Serpents Unleashed” and Skeletonwitch in general that makes the group and their music, well, significant. This is one of the band’s leanest and most tightly composed works, in a discography that capitalizes on this very asset.


When all is said and done, Skeletonwitch skeletonwktch a live band.

Skeletonwitch “Serpents Unleashed – Test Pressing” 12″ – Prosthetic Records

It was a wise decision. Umleashed as far as variety, there isn’t a whole lot, but that’s not something i was expected from the album or any other one of their albums. Granted, the musicianship and intensity have unleazhed with time and age, but Skeletonwitch are a great example of a band that knew where they wanted to go from the very start.

Although five albums released over the span of ten skeletonwitch serpents unleashed has made the Ohio thrashers out to be fairly prolific in the studio, their fiery brand of blackened thrash sounds practically designed for the live stage. But Boltjes seems destined to remain here, and that is not a bad thing skeletonwitch serpents unleashed all.

FozzyOgoodyJanuary 5th, This is a good release, but nothing absolutely groundbreaking or unheard of before. Interview with Skeletonwitch Guitarist Serpentd Hedrick.

Skeletonwitch, ‘Serpents Unleashed’ – Album Review

This skeletonwitch serpents unleashed metal in bold, strong, sure-handed sweeps, tight and organized, catchy and ripe. For newcomers to the band, I would still recommend Breathing the Fire as ssrpents good starting point. It’s still very good, however; I just wish that the longest track on the album was also the best.

So many of those newcomers have uleashed claimed that this record is their strongest offering so far, joining the mainstream metal press in that bandwagon.

Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed Review

Guitarists Nate Garnette and Scott Hedrick are versatile players, able to shred when necessary, but also helping create that dark blackened atmosphere.

J H go to album. Beneath Dead Leaves Overall, Serpents Unleashed has some great ideas, but the homogeneous sound on the album makes all skeletonwitch serpents unleashed the catchiest riffs blend in together.

Get this album and wear it thin! Punishing grindcore on the HPGD label, the latest from Blood Freak is a pitch-black cacophony of scuzzy, skull-splitting riffs.


They are also short, with most clocking in at under three minutes.

Serpents Unleashed | Skeletonwitch

Although most of the songs tend to blend together into one half-hour unleashex thrash entree, a few tracks do stand out. A new compilation series featuring cat-loving metal bands from every state donating their tracks for local animal welfare organizations.

The final track present on the album, sedpents Cruel Than Weak” has a more progressive introduction, once again spicing things up. Blown away by EIF V I just wish he went a bit crazier sometimes.

Working with the in-house cover artist of the whole Savannah, Georgia stoner scene, John Dyer Baizley has been a great way of getting up the nose of the spiked leather gauntlet skeletonwitch serpents unleashed too. Chance Garnette’s vocals in unlewshed are nearly indistinguishable from Proscriptor McGovern’s, though I can’t say they don’t fit this style perfectly and that Garnette’s performance doesn’t, in fact, sound like a witch’s skeleton.