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We’re about to take off on our massive international tour, if you don’t have your tickets, now’s the time to get em! Now there’s been a slight delay at the vinyl factory, so it’s only available in CD and digital format for now, but don’t worry, the vinyl LP is coming! Tickets are available at Vertigo Records Rideau St. Funny seeing Souljazz on the Canadian charts these days too, toe-to-toe with the rock and pop bands Nov 18th , Nov 25th , Dec 9th , Jan 6th , Jan 13th OK, let me download this free track!

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The Souljazz Orchestra

If you go to the “Shows” section of our website, souljazz orchestra uprooted find details on the concerts, along with ticket links. Soyljazz you’re not up on your Canadian geography, that’s about a uprootev drive away from Ottawa! The Souljazz Orchestra will be donating a portion of the proceeds generated by the “Rising Sun” album release tour directly to families affected by the earthquake, as well as to NGOs working on the Haiti relief effort.

We’ll be playin’ a 1-hour concert for the CBCwhich is gonna be filmed and recorded, then used for TV, radio, and other stuff.

The Souljazz Orchestra – Uprooted () [Jazz | Funk | Afro Beat]; mp3, kbps –

Let’s hope for the best. On this new release, Souljazz stays true to its roots in soul and afro rhythms, but takes a more jazz-oriented approach uprootsd, creating deep, improvisational souljazz orchestra uprooted music, with a heavy-driving, dancefloor-conscious edge.

The video was directed by our man Craig Allen Conoley from Partus Filmsbe sure to check out his other stuff.

The songs tackle some of the issues we’re presently facing, but souljazz orchestra uprooted a hopeful look to the future. Just to get you properly psyched for what’s to come, we got out the turntables, patched em to our old Roland Space Echo unit, and put together a crazy mind-blowing seven-minute Mini-Mixjam-packed with as many Souljazz Orchestrz tunes as we could cram in!


A crash-course in Souljazz history if you will, including some sneak previews of the new Inner Fire LPfor the very first time. Turned out pretty badass too, believe it or not, check it out!

Souljazz also made quite a few “Best of ” lists you can check em out in the reviews sectionthanks for the props! We take off for Europe! Ah man, they look and sound amazing After that, we get back to home turf, playing a full night at Babylon in Ottawaon Friday November 15th: The summer tour’s over, man, what a trip Good idea to get your tickets now too.

Stay tuned for details! Now the tour still isn’t finalized, but the dates’ll be up on the website as soon as they’re confirmed, promise! This is our first Indie Award ever, we’re souljazz orchestra uprooted stoked. Kanye West no less!

The Souljazz Orchestra

We’ll keep you posted! We’ll be celebrating next Saturday, February 19th, with our first Ottawa show of the year, at the Babylon Nightclub. We’re really excited about this one, we feel it’s the culmination of a lot of different things we’ve touched on throughout the souljazz orchestra uprooted, with oechestra lot of fresh new vibes added to to the mix. Souljazz orchestra uprooted of our gratitude to all the DJs, radio folks, and fans that have been supporting us hardcore with this new album.

Canadian tour starts in November, we’ll be back! Turned out really dope, you forget how cool those things looked! You can check out the schedule for details. For what it’s worth, Gilles Peterson has already called Rising Sun the soulljazz best yet, as well as one souljjazz the year? A massive album release tour will be taking us to both sides of the ocean The lyrics tell the rest of the story.

Thanks for the support, nice to see the peeps back home didn’t forget about us!


Iprooted flip starts off with the firing salsa dura party jam ‘Agoya’ before the ritual chant of ‘East Flows The River’a spiritual jazz hymn using Souljazz orchestra uprooted modes. We’ll be taking a bit of a break from the road until the release of our upcoming album, Rising Sunin early We’ll be joined by our man DJ Zattar, of Timekode fame, as well as some other secret surprise guests you’ll just have to come to see who!

The album features the souljazz orchestra uprooted vocals of Jamaican-Canadian soul singer Slim Moore, backed by members of the Souljazz Orchestra, the One Faith Gospel Singers, and some of the baddest Canadian and American orchestral musicians around.