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You may not, directly or indirectly, encumber or suffer to exist any lien or security interest on the Software; knowingly take any action that would cause the Software to be placed in the public domain; or use the Software in any computer environment not specified in this Software License Agreement. SynaMan SynaMan is an innovative, all-in-one web-based remote file manager allowing users to upload or download files from any machine or a mobile device, anywhere on the Internet. Toggle navigation Synametrics Technologies. You may not copy the Software except as expressly set forth above, and any copies that you are permitted to make pursuant to this Software License Agreement must contain the same copyright, patent and other intellectual property markings that appear on or in the Software. You can make changes to your website from any machine, anywhere. SyncriBox New Partners What’s new. Mail Junction is an email management tool providing a single point of access for important accounts such as sales, and support within an enterprise.

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The specific upgrade edition that you are eligible to synametrics winsql based on your Support Period is further detailed in the SMP that you have purchased. HTTP – Files are backed up using HTTP S protocol, which is firewall friendly Rsync – Syncrify uses the rsync algorithm to copy the partial files Multi-platform – Work on a variety of operating systems Web based file restore synametrics winsql Backed up files can be viewed and restored from a web browser.

The X in AboutMyX is a variable, it stands for: What can it do for you.

You can download the program and use it indefinitely synametrics winsql no charge. Syncrify A private-cloud backup for your enterprise that can backup desktops, laptops and servers to a central location within your enterprise over LAN or the Internet in a secure manner. It empowers them to be more productive by providing an intuitive tool that can talk to any database through JDBC.

Custom applications – Use pre-built custom applications right out of the synametrics winsql. SynaMan is a smart replacement for an FTP server.

How do I get a serial number for WinSQL Lite

Synametrics shall pay actual damages, costs, and attorney fees awarded against you or payable by you pursuant to a settlement agreement in connection with a Claim to the extent such direct damages and costs synametrixs not reimbursed to you by insurance or a third party, to an aggregate maximum equal to the purchase price of the Software.


Updates of the operating system and application software not specifically covered by this Software License Agreement are your responsibility and will not be provided by Synametrics under this Software License Agreement. You can make changes to your website from any machine, anywhere.

SynaMan SynaMan is an innovative, all-in-one web-based remote file manager allowing users to upload or download files from any machine or a mobile device, anywhere on the Einsql. Synametrics winsql and Data Diff Generate schema and data diff reports between two similar back-ends, such synametrics winsql your development and production DB.

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You may not loan, rent, lease, sublicense, distribute or otherwise transfer all or any portion of the Software to third parties. These users are allows to install the software on their individual machines or on a shared server. Dynamic Executables Generate royalty-free executables that can be used by your business users to run queries.

This Limited Warranty is void if failure of the Software has synametgics from accident, abuse, misapplication, abnormal use, Trojan horse, virus, or any other malicious external code. We know that you’ve made significant investment in the synametrics winsql platforms you use to run your enterprise IT environment. Synametrics winsql runs in winsqll modes: However, Synametrics, at its option and in its sole discretion on a case by case basis, may decide to offer maintenance releases to you as a courtesy, but these maintenance releases winsqo not include any new features in synametrics winsql of the feature set at the time of your purchase of the Software.

Submit batches Queries can be separated by a separator and therefore, multiple queries can be submitted at the same synametrucs.

Synametrics shall have sole control over any Claim including, without limitation, the selection of counsel and the right to settle on your behalf on any terms Synametrics deems desirable in the sole exercise of its discretion. Cost for a new license Perpetual software license. Synametrics Synametrics winsql Junction is an email response management tool providing a single point of access to public synametrics winsql accounts such as sales, support and marketing.


As the name implies, freeware is free of any obligation to the end user.

WinSQL Cost/Licensing

Our goal is to release two major upgrades every year. XSL file in the catalog tree. To the extent allowed by applicable law, implied warranties on the Software, if any, are limited to ninety 90 days.

This is built on the concept of “try it before you buy it. WinSQL comes in three editions: It is secure and is easy to install on synametrics winsql machine running any operating system.

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WinSQL – A database administration and development tool

A homogeneous solution for heterogeneous environment It’s like a Swiss-Army knife for database development. Your rights with respect to support and maintenance as well as your upgrade eligibility depend on your synametricz to purchase SMP and the level of SMP that you have purchased: Software that is introduced as separate product is not included in SMP.

Easily visualize your database synametrics winsql by either letting WinSQL draw the diagram or you create it manually.