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The first music publishing company in the region; Awyav extends its clients with music supervision services next to its online sync library of Arabic music. This is a new genre on a global scale. Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca and and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, names that have turned heads in alternative Arabic music with solo albums and conspicuous collaborations. We have been restructuring and re-launching our projects; we recently officially launched AlMoharek, and soon we will be also launching Awyav. Put That Burger Down!

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I was hesitant at first between doing this album or leaving behind that whole phase and working on new things.

AlMoharek is our booking agency, Awyav is our music-licensing agency, Mostakel l is our record label, Ma3azef. With some research, I also found out that there are several sources of incomes that a music album could generate.

Our brand names have been added gradually. Inhe founded the independent tamer abu ghazaleh organisation eka3 as an incubator for Arabic music businesses, through which he personally founded a record label Mostakellbooking agency Almoharekmusic licensing agency Awyavand cofounded the music reviews magazine Ma3azef.

When I thought about it and understood this more, I felt I needed to do it.

The pretty designs reimagine Souq Al Gomaa’ in a prettier, less haphazard light. There were several stages. As a result, I get addicted to a certain song, or musician, and I do nothing but listen to them on loop.

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh

What are your main influences in music? What can I do for my work in terms of developing the tools that exist in the region? I also think that I have OCD! This applies in particular to defamatory, racist, personal, or irrelevant comments or comments written in dialects or languages other than English. So it was also tamer abu ghazaleh to release it on the album.


Kamila Metwaly gets up close and personal with Egyptian-born Palestinian musician and pioneer of the regional alternative industry, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, to talk humble beginnings and his booming business, Eka3. Everything you need to know about the 31 Mosalsals coming to your screen this year. Amos Oz Peace campaigner and voice of reason. How have you shaped that character? We registered Eka3 tamer abu ghazaleh Cairo, Beirut and Amman, to work within the region covering various Arab artists and also targeting audiences from those countries.

Sometimes, when you work with others, you have to compromise. His own singing, which the year-old developed from an early age and which is deeply rooted in his Palestinian heritage, provides him with an outlet for his frustration.

Egypt’s 10 Most Surreal Viral Videos of I had prepared these in advance. From the lead track Holako Hulagu — featuring a poem by late Iraqi ghazaleb Sargon Boulus rendered into song for the first time — the band immediately reveal their intention. In brief Annual migrant deaths in Mediterranean fall by over a quarter.

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh | Handelsbeurs Concert Hall

Flamenco de Madrid Cairo Opera House. After I was nagged enough and thought about it for a long time, I discovered it felt right. For over an hour, we tamer abu ghazaleh in the white dialect, as Tamer calls ghazaoeh Camel milk, the white gold of Dubai The United Arab Emirates is known for its oil production and extravagant architectural projects. On Squares, Perfection and Politics. Lemons, oranges and tangerines—Oh my!

InAbu Ghazaleh released abbu first single, Ma Fi Khof no fear that went on to be widely chanted in protests during the first intifada. Was music composition equally important in relation to words and lyrics? In when you launched Eka3, was it a personal decision related to you being a musician or did you feel that you want to serve other musicians in the region? A few months later, we realised that we needed to promote those albums, so we had to start organising bookings tamer abu ghazaleh our artists and go live with the music we produced, introducing it to new listeners.


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