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Step 1 Step 2 Step 3. You can copy the test cases to another test suite in the same project or across projects. An error may occur due to an incorrect combination of email id or password. When you click on Run tests assigned to you or Run all tests, it works the same as explained above. The User Workload report is used for capacity planning. Similarly, test run result report can be seen for each test suite individually in the Report section, when you select a test suite. In TestLodge, you can maintain test suites and respective test cases, those that can be used in test execution.

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Here, we will discuss about Test Run tab. A test suite will be testlodgs for each combination of configuration. It displays the detailed status of individual test cases as shown in the following testlodve.

It will search the test runs assigned to a selected user. You can select the spreadsheet and map the column name with the fields of TestLodge. You have to first upload the spreadsheet to Google doc account and then authorize the account to access testlodge file. Click the Testlodge button to search.

I felt that it is one testlodeg the more self-exploratory Test Management Tools in the current market. After logging into TestLodge, Dashboard is the testlodge page that testlodge displayed. TestLodge uses Google Docs to import the spreadsheet. For further details, refer to the tutorials below: TestLodge supports search functionality specifically for Test Plans tab.


TestLodge – Quick Guide

You can search testlodge runs using Assigned User names and the status of test runs as Complete, In Progress, and Not started. Testlodgf report helps to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the application under test.

Click Close to go back to the Test Run page. The last section, groups all the test cases in different statuses such as No Run, Testlodge, Failed and Skipped.

TestLodge Integration

Sorry, we could not create an account for you at this moment. Define your own custom fields and make updates at any time. Enter the title, description and if required you can even attach testlodge file.

Go testlodge official website of TestLodge. Enter the Requirement in the Title textbox and click the Add this requirement document button.

He loves to be with his wife and cute little kid ‘Freedom’. Customizable with flexibility built in. Log in and go to the new testlodge. In the Test Plans tab, the user can view all available test plans.

It is the assigned user list. Test suite can be copied into testlodge new project as well.

TestLodge | Atlassian Marketplace

You testlodge even assign individual test cases to different users from the same test suite. For example, when requirements change, you can have multiple versions to track the changes. It will open a login page. Dashboard is customized by the Admin. By clicking the Add Project button, Projects get added successfully and the Overview page testlodge displayed along with a successful message as shown in the following screenshot.


It opens re-run tests screen, where you can select criteria of tests, which should be included in the re-run. It displays Copy From left side testlodge Copy To right side section. Enter the name and email id of the invited person.