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The last thing she expects, though, is to find Simba alive again. In this book, Mufasa’s father is named Ahadi, his mother is Uru, and his brother Scar has the cubhood name of Taka. Sympathetic and warm-hearted, Pumbaa is ready to trust anyone– even a carnivore like Simba. Scar eventually comes to see Nala as a prize, a Queen to his own throne a subplot that is more fully explored in the Broadway Musical than in the movie ; but she spurns him and chooses instead, in desperation, to leave Pride Rock and search for help from outside. Despite protests from his Ma , Timon set out to seek adventure and fulfillment out in the greater world. Video Clips Video files of memorable scenes, and many more interesting movie files. However, the Hyenas are also smart enough to realize, when Simba returns for vengeance against Scar, when the usurping king has double-crossed them in an attempt to save his own skin; and they get the last laugh when Scar falls at their feet, cast down and at their mercy.

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Nala is a close friend and playmate of Simbawith whom she’s never afraid to go exploring or get into mischief.

James Baxter supervisor Nobody knows where the old mandrill Rafiki came from, but his quests in search of the secrets bound up in the land and its plants and animals drew him to the Pride Lands in the days of Ahadi, as told in A Tale of Two Brothers. A tribute to the grandeur of the original as much as it is a satire, this direct-to-video production from Walt Disney TV Animation Australia appeals to wistful nostalgia as much as to our funny bones.

Simba grows into a kingly lion on the same diet of bugs that Timon and Pumbaa eat, but only the unlooked-for arrival of Nala threatens to bring to an end the fellowship of the three outcasts. Numerous other productions have set up in other cities around the world to showcase Julie Taymor’s revolutionary stage rendition of the original film’s story.

Character Profiles

teh Yet Zazu is supremely loyal to the king, taking on all responsibilities without complaint, even when asked to babysit Simba and Nala on their adventures. The Lion King The animated film that started it all. What a yucky idea! In Scar’s youth, the trio struck a pact with the younger lion prince to bring him into their clan, initially to circumvent and undermine the king’s restrictions on their hunting for sport, but eventually perhaps because they saw as much opportunity in a partnership with Scar as he did in them.


And when Simba confronts his destiny, the loyal warthog is the first to follow. In this book, Mufasa’s father is named Ahadi, his mother is Uru, and his brother Scar has the cubhood name of Taka.

As a king and leader, Mufasa holds a deep understanding of the forces that make the Pride Lands balanced and landss.

Meerkat Timon is a hyperactive meerkat with a motor mouth. Lion Sarabi, Mufasa’s wife and Simba’s mother, is kind, gentle and loving. His role in advising the young Mufasa against mischievous plots by his brother Scar made him a permanent resident of the region, employed duxl Mufasa’s teacher and spiritual guide, and living in a baobab tree within sight of Pride Rock.

Mandrill Rafiki, the wise old baboon, is like a tribal medicine man or prode ancient shaman. James Earl Jones Animators: The Broadway Musical has found a permanent home as a fixture on 42nd Street, the heart of the theatre district on Times Square in New York. Spotted Hyenas Always on the lookout for their next meal or an innocent victim to taunt, tease or terrorize, Banzai, the male hyena, and Shenzi, the female, talk and joke while Ed, the third troublemaker, only laughs. Although Scar hides his plot with concern for Simba’s safety, this evil, cunning betrayer is really Simba’s and Mufasa’s enemy– a fact which the great-hearted Mufasa realizes too late.

Timon encounters him at the time of his own exile to be taught of the philosophy of hakuna matata ; and later, Rafiki teaches a much different doctrine to the grown Simba, who upon being reunited with Nala must look within himself to discover the meaning of his heritage as the true Lion King and inheritor of Mufasa’s throne.

Perhaps Rafiki is the only one who truly understands how every creature, in his or her pried way, fits into the Circle of Life.

The Lion King WWW Archive: Character Profiles

The Lion King She’s also wise to her little son’s tricks. Produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in Burbank, California, this unassuming stop-gap project grew to become a mythic phenomenon, setting record numbers for box-office sales and merchandising revenue around the world, and inspiring thousands of fans to build on its story with their own creativity. It’s his job to report to the king on any potential disputes or crises over hunting, feeding, or watering rights, or any encroachment by outsiders who must be driven out of the Pride Lands.


When Simba is born, Scar loses his position in line to inherit the throne from Mufasa; so owing to a pact he had made in his youth with the three Hyenashe develops a plot to kill his brother and nephew and seize the kingship by force. When they’re not arguing, these three punks can be found doing Scar’s dirty work– which is no laughing matter.

Lion Simba is a rowdy, independent little cub who likes to romp and play.

Michael Surrey supervisor Brian Ferguson James Lopez Mike Show Once a member of a large and thriving colony of meerkats far from Pride Rock, Timon was never in his element digging and guarding the holes as a unit with his fellow meerkats. His mother is the Queen Sarabiand he is the nephew of the King’s brother Scarwho sees a political opportunity in the young cub’s trust in him.

Image Archive Hundreds of high-quality screen images, clip art, and more! He takes this job quite seriously, and even the formal-minded Mufasa finds Zazu’s fussiness amusing enough to make him the butt of occasional jokes. Best buddies, the twosome are taken aback when Zazu tells them they are to be married.

But behind the patter is a loyal little guy who’d give his last wisecrack to help a friend. The Lion King 2: