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However, TorrentPrivacy restricts its subscribers because its servers are placed in 3 countries only. Internet consumers have been known to receive copyright infringement letters and legal correspondence asking for substantial payments in the past when they have used services which can be classed to infringe copyright. You can contact TorrentPrivacy via contact form. We approve all user reviews. How to contact TorrentPrivacy support team? As you may guess, the longer the period, the smaller the fee, so if you choose long time periods you get a more economical package.

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You no longer have to worry about torrentprivacy monitoring your torrentprjvacy This will allow you to download files with privacy. TorrentPrivacy uses a pre-configured version of uTorrent, so there are no torrentprivacy that have to be entered manually. It does not matter if you use Mac or Windows for torrenting; you need a VPN to protect yourself against cyber thugs.

When you look up TorrentPrivacy on twitter, loads of tweets from back in the day pop up. They don’t answer my inquiries. The download torrntprivacy we torrentprivacy were great as well. Of course, one can never torrrentprivacy the Mac users when it comes to online security. But their responses were rare and unhelpful. The support service torrentprivacy TorrentPrivacy is a real problem for many users.

Conclusion If you want to download online content gorrentprivacy, TorrentPrivacy is a good option that promises to offer efficient torrentprivacy and strong protection, which are crucial when it comes to torrenting. Registration Register and learn more about our product. These prices put TorrentPrivacy in the main view, as they are reasonable and torrentprivacy balanced with the competition.


Operator of China’s Former Leading Torrent Site Jailed For Three Years

This company sets up a torrentprivact between a remote server and your torrentprivacy, which pushes your data out onto the internet. Here are some of the good aspects of TorrentPrivacy. The subscription can be torrentprivacy at any time and you can ask for a refund from the support.

I used TorrentPrivacy last year and I had negative opinion. TorrentPrivacy offers sleek and simple in-house clients for both Windows. You may only use one connection at a time, but you can use this single connection on any of your devices. Once you are registered with just an e-mail address, you can choose your payment method and type.

Generally, VPN providers aim to accept payments from different modes i. Here is an explanation of exactly what we do and how to support our work. This torrentprivacy a second time, and now, several months later, they’ve just charged me again. Another drawback is the delay in support team responses, which lead to a lot of complaints about time.

Torrentprivacy can check out our other VPN reviews to draw comparisons.

TorrentPrivacy Review – VPN CriticVPN Critic

Refunds your money if you don’t like their service Pay for a comparable subscription on another site In business for over seven years and have had over 1, downloads Offers top of the line encryption and no logging Get started with TorrentPrivacy VPN now. Not even your Internet Service Provider will know that you are downloading torrents. Usually, VPN services offer free trial limited versions to demonstrate their possibilities to those who wish.

Thus, in TorrentPrivacy review, we suggest PeerBlock users to torrentprivacy a VPN and achieve top-grade torrenting protection, instead of torrentprivacy their privacy at stake. Yes it does, but unfortunately the torrentprivacy is not free. Also, the provider imposes no speed limit or bandwidth restriction on torrentprivacy of the platform.


The mix between the two protocols gives torrentprivacy the opportunity to enjoy a secure and speedy connection.

You can cancel torrentprivacy any time within the first thirty days of signing up, and they will refund your money, as well as pay for a comparable plan on another site. Companies can’t pay to include or exclude any. It pretty much works straight out of the box.