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Cia’s forces managed to break the seal on several fragments save for the final fragment which was held under seal by the Master Sword. It is possible that some of the objects depicting Triforce markings may have been brought to Termina from Hyrule, explaining its appearances in Termina. While in possession of the Triforce of Power, Lana gains the ability to split her soul which she uses to flee from Ganondorf though ultimately he manages to reclaim the Triforce of Power from her and once again sets his sights on obtaining the complete Triforce. In various incarnations, Zelda has demonstrated telepathy, precognition, and mystic energy projection, among other abilities. Although Ganon suffers defeat at the hands of Link and is banished to the Sacred Realm by the power of the Seven Sages , he retains the Triforce of Power. Some incarnations of Zelda have been known to wear Triforce-shaped earrings.

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However even with the power of two Triforce pieces, he is still defeated by the combined hrifuerza of Link’s Triforce of Courage and Master Sword. However, due to Link’s removal of the Master Sword the seal on the final piece of Ganondorf’s soul is broken allowing the King of Evil to revive himself. Unsourced material may be challenged yrifuerza removed.

Views Read Edit View history. This article needs additional citations for verification. Armed with two thirds of the Triforce, Yuga-Ganon attempts to steal the remaining third from Link. Zelda, after being revived, states to Midna, “Our souls were one, however briefly. After Yuga-Ganon is defeated, Link acquires the remaining pieces. Seemingly by means of the Triforce’s power, Zelda demonstrated shapeshifting abilities in Ocarina of Tfifuerza.

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In Twilight PrincessZelda used the power of the Triforce of Wisdom to detect the dark magic trapping Link in his wolf form, and it may have granted her the power to remain in her true form in the Twilight. Link defeats Yuga-Ganon and Hilda demands Yuga give her the Triforce of Power but Yuga reveals he has no intention of saving Lorule and Yuga turns Hilda into a painting and absorbs her along with the Triforce of Wisdom. It is later revealed to Cia that she was being manipulated by Ganondorf who is able to partially resurrect himself.


It is usually associated with Princess Zeldaand in most games, she possesses it. Ganondorf then uses the power of the complete Triforce to strengthen his trifuerzx and take over Hyrule Castle, transforming it trifuegza again into Ganon’s Tower. It is usually associated specifically with Ganonwho uses its vast power to his own evil ends. The current Triforce Bearers Lana, Zelda, and Link use the complete Triforce to restore Hyrule and triuerza the various eras back to normal.

Eventually Ganondorf manages to steal the remaining pieces of the Triforce from Link and Zelda. At the end of the game, Link defeats him by using the Master Sword to impale him through the wound on his chest, and as Ganondorf grows weak, the Triforce crest fades from his hand. However, when Ganondorf partially revives himself, Cia returns the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom to their original bearers.

The spirit of the Triforce explains its powers, and Link then wishes for the acts of Ganon to be reversed such as the corruption of the Sacred Realm and the death of Link’s uncle.

When the two pieces are reunited, Tetra’s true identity is revealed to be Zelda. The Triforces were made of some sort of jewel with gold on the interior and each piece was engraved with the first letter of its name.

The Triforce consists of three equilateral triangleswhich are joined with an inverted empty triangle in the middle to form a large equilateral triangle. However other instances such as it appearing on Link’s Hero Shield may be intentionally as he obtained his original Hero’s Shield at some point while trifueeza Hyrule following the events of Ocarina of Time.

Chandeliers in the Temple of Time also feature a Triforce-shape incorporated into their design as well.

Trifuerza – Picture of Insert Coin Bar – Providencia, Santiago

Though he reaches the Triforce in the Sacred Realm, his heart is imbalanced and the Triforce splits, leaving him with the Triforce of Power and forcing him to gather the other two carriers who are “chosen by destiny”, Link and Princess Zelda, and take the other pieces from them.


In Nintendo Landthere is a mini-game based on the Legend of Zelda in which the player’s Mii can play in the role of Link through various stages.

It returns as his symbol in Super Smash Bros. Corruptionthe Triforce is an unlockable bumper sticker image.


Twilight Princess save data. For the Starbomb album, see The TryForce. Together with the other Triforce bearers, Lana uses its power to help restore Hyrule to normal. The Triforce of Wisdom was emerald green, and the Triforce of Power was ruby red. Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from November This is because Lorule is crumbling away since its Triforce was destroyed by Hilda’s ancestors to end the various conflicts that arose in Lorule over its Triforce, unaware of the Triforce’s role as the foundation of their world.

Cia eventually manages to obtain the complete Triforce by stealing the Triforce of Hrifuerza from Zelda while she is disguised Sheik and Triforce of Courage from Link, then uses its power to summon the different eras where the pieces of Ganondorf’s soul are sealed in order to increase her power and strengthen her army.

In Hyrule Warriorsit is revealed that the Guardian of Time is an overseer that watches over the Triforce, observing the various eras and battles over the Triforce.