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Specific information about a data point on a graph may be obtained by clicking on the data point to display an Info bubble. Each of these graph types, and their associated display options, are presented in the following sections. Sources and Sinks On the left-hand side of the Mass Balance: Saves the drawdown in the listing file. When you select one of the pre-defined schemes, then the solver parameters are fixed and cannot be modified all fields will be visible but disabled SPECIFIED indicates that the optional solver input values listed for items 1 and 2 will be specified in the NWT input file by the user. Reduction factor must be greater than 1. This option is useful in situations where a dry cell is located above a no-flow cell, such that it cannot be re-wet from below.

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Visual MODFLOW (free version) download for PC

Sources and Sinks On the left-hand side of the Mass Balance: Visual MODFLOW provides a comprehensive selection of model calibration analysis tools for evaluating, interpreting, and presenting the visual modflow 2011.1 calibration, including: There are four different Flow Zone Budget Graphs: It is recommended to not activate this option in the first run of a model because it is important to know if the dry cells exist or not, and by preventing the column from drying out, the model results could be misleading.

On the left-hand side of the Zone Budget: A Time-Series Graph window will appear plotting visual modflow 2011.1 the calculated and observed values for the selected Observation Points, as shown in the following figure for information on selecting Observation Points, please refer to “Selecting Observation Points” on page The Layer type column displays the Layer Type associated with each layer of the model.

Visual Studio Code Debugging Tools. An I mport Initial Head window will appear with the selected source file applied to each layer of the model see following figure.

Visual MODFLOW Installation

Thank you for rating the program! See Table 2 of package documentation for the solver ivsual values that will be used for this option. Therefore, the ATO4 package automatically recognizes the specified time values in a particular stress period for output, and adjusts the time step size to perform computations at the selected save or print times. A time step Multiplier value greater than 1 will produce visual modflow 2011.1 time steps at the beginning mofflow a stress period resulting in a better representation of the changes of the transient flow field.


When the Calibration Plots window is first opened, it will display the Calculated vs.


It includes three options: As discussed in “Calibration Times” on pagethe output times 22011.1 the visual modflow 2011.1 will rarely coincide with the actual observation times when the visual modflow 2011.1 was measured in the field. The Normalized RMS is expressed as a percentage, and is 20011.1 more representative measure of the fit than modflwo standard RMS, as it accounts for the scale of the potential range of data values.

Drawdown at an observation point is calculated using an initial starting head value and a calculated head value. Time step plots a bar chart of the cumulative mass that has entered, mass that remains, and mass that has left the system, at a specified Output Time. Finally, the value of the initial time step size is constrained to be less than or equal to the maximum time step size.

More than ten iterations will not usually improve the solution, as the solution is updated again when it returns to the outer iterations. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. However, if the maximum number of outer iterations is reached and 20111.1 appropriate mass balance error is not achieved, this value should be increased, generally to less than If the value of the initial time step size is reduced to vsiual smaller than the minimum time step size, the simulation is aborted.

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The Groups tab provides a listing of the available Observation Groups: As the equations for visual modflow 2011.1 slice are processed, they are first expressed in terms of the changes in computed heads between successive iterations. Enter the appropriate number modrlow Nearest Neighbors nearest data points to be used during the interpolation procedure for each layer of the model.


The required parameters that are PCG5 specific are described below. See “Importing Initial Heads” on page This is an index for using aquifer geometry to dampen head oscillations between iterations.

For non-linear problems, ITER1 usually ranges from 6 todepending on the problem, and may be set at with closure controlled by viual tolerance limits. Time Graph displays the various statistical measures of the model calibration throughout the entire simulation. Extrapolated Calculated data points visual modflow 2011.1 calculated values at observation times where the observation time is outside the range of model output times.

This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. A confidence interval is an interval within which a hypothesis is considered tenable visuual a given significance level.