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Verbatim reproduction of material available elsewhere should be strictly avoided. The student should note that report-write-up forms the important component in the overall evaluation of the project Hardware projects must include: The same process of third evaluation will be carried out for scripts of undergraduate courses during revaluation. Name of the examiners Signature with date 1. Separator sheets, used if any, between chapters, should be of thin paper. Project reports should be typed neatly only on one side of the paper with 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Depending on the genuinity of the cases, the University reserves its rights to return the Demand Draft. List out the characteristics of 3 G cellular system. VTU Previous year papers. The last chapter should contain the summary of the work carried, contributions if any, their utility along with the scope for further work.

Due care should vtu 8th sem ec question papers taken to avoid spelling and typing errors. With a neat block diagram, explain the functions performed by various blocks of a subscriber device.

Sponsored Projects must also satisfy the above requirements along with statement of accounts, bills for the same dully attested by the concerned guides to process further, They must also produce NOC from the concerned guide before taking the internal viva examination. Should have completed the prescribed course of study within 3 academic years. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Should have completed the prescribed course of study within 4 academic years. Mention the differences between 1 G and 2 G cellular systems. The references should be numbered serially in the order of their occurrence in the text and their numbers should be indicated within square brackets for e. Separator sheets, used if any, between chapters, should be of thin paper. The section on references should list them in serial order in the following format. However, there is no provision for the rejection of results of qusetion individual subject.


An abstract synopsis not exceeding words, indicating salient features of the work. The total number of reports to be prepared are One copy to the department One copy to the concerned guide s Two copies to the sponsoring agency One copy to the candidate.

Separator sheets, used if any, between chapters, should be of thin pape. Certificate issued at the Organization where the project was carried out On a separate sheet, If applicable. Correction in Marks Card. Sdm the frequency reuse distance for a cell radius of 2 kilometers and a cluster size of 4. The margins should be: Certified that the project work entitled …………………………………………………………………………………………… carried out by Mr. For applying for Duplicate Marks card, an affidavit on Rs.

Sc marks awarded as per GMR 01 for passing a subject and GMR 02 for passing the whole examination are vtu 8th sem ec question papers only in the ledger and not in the statement of marks.

Describe the process of power control used by cellular systems and mention its advantages. Share Tweet Google Plus Share. Provision should be made to conduct MES14 theory classes and internal assessment test for these students by the respective colleges. Every copy of the report must contain Inner title page White Outer title page with a plastic cover Certificate in the format enclosed both from the college and the organization where the project is carried out.

It must be properly acknowledged ftu vtu 8th sem ec question papers acknowledgments. However, declaration of the class of the degree shall be based on the performance of the candidate from 7th to 10th semester examinations taken together.


Proper attention is to be paid not only to the technical contents but also to the organization of the report and clarity of the expression. Issue of soft quesyion and revaluation of answer scripts.

With a neat block diagram, explain the functions performed by various blocks of a.

VTU ECE Scheme Question Papers

The candidate has to lodge a complaint to local police station of the area where it vtuu lost and submit the original copy of acknowledgement of complaint along with the above affidavit.

The candidates who are in need of the same shall forward their applications along with the relevant documents through the office of ed Principal, to the office of the Registrar Evaluation. This examination has to be conducted in batches of 5 students.