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Read only in preferences? So when news broke that Wordfast Pro 4 was out, I was curious to see where improvements were made. View Ideas submitted by the community. The editor will need a moment to load whatever it needs until it lets you edit anything. Trados needed 6 seconds to do that. Some of the interface flaws can be fixed fairly easily, but it will still be slow and awkward. This is also a set-up that most users used for WFP3.

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So when news broke that Wordfast Pro 4 was out, I was curious to see where improvements were made. Then, when you click the cell you want to edit, wait again! There are three main ways to organize your projects and the way you choose will depend on your user profile.

Wordfast Pro 3 – Wordfast Wiki

Manuela Calvo Luis Spain Local time: Now, what about processing speed? Still in the 20k word project mentioned above, I compared how wordfast pro 3.0 Trados and WFP4 could find a string located towards the end of the chained file, with the cursor placed in the first segment. You can still connect as many TMs you want. File processing is even slower Now, what about processing speed? Many thanks for your time. When creating a project, you can specify where you want to save the project to.

No need to do anything for this, you will simply create a new project in WFP5. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Please add 3.00 additional comments or explanation optional. How to use Wordfast Pro 3.


Migrating from Wordfast Pro 3 to Wordfast Pro 5

Even that good old Office is able to handle that for wodrfast. Why do you need two steps for that? View Ideas submitted by the community. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. You know, those web apps that took forever to load with the coffee cup icon — and barely wordfast pro 3.0 wordfadt that? This is also a set-up that most users used for WFP3. X Sign in to your ProZ.

The result was almost instant with Trados as in too fast to be timedwhile Wordfast needed a full 6 seconds. This setup is for translators working for a small in-house translation department with uncomplicated workflows e. Pgo understand that I would be able to use them together?

Wordfast Pro 4 feels very amateurish overall. Vote Promote or demote ideas. Navigation Main page Wordfast pro 3.0 changes Random page Help. No recent translation news about Wordfast.

Reviewing worfast can be fun and only takes a few minutes. By trying to mimic the competition, Wordfast lost its soul, the speed and ease of use that made it an interesting entry point into the CAT world. Need to run an analysis on a file? The same process took only 12 seconds in Trados. Wordfast pro 3.0, you can create multilingual projects; however, prl feature is probably best suited for an organization involving unique projects see below.


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How to license Wordfast Pro 3 – Wordfast Wiki

Above all, it has lost its direction I used to recommend Wordfast to beginners for its relative simplicity. You open the appropriate language project for the job in question and add files for the job to the project.

Not only has the user interface drastically changed from Wordfast Pro 3 Wordfasst to Wordfast Pro 5 WFP5but the format of linguistic assets TMs and glossaries has changed wordfast pro 3.0 well as the default locations they are stored at.